Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

It's time for the 5th Instalment of Outside my Comfort Zone - a blogger challenge devised by Rachel  

The fifth challenge is Mixed Pastels - Any piece, accessory, shoe, bag, nail polish etc., coordinate some pastels, at least 2 colour pastels (pale light colours)

Pastels other than in Vest tops are not something I really choose to wear. There are so many pastel shades I adore, Mint, Pink, Lilac. 

I looked in my wardrobe and spotted the skirt I wanted to wear for the second OMCZ Challenge Sadly the weather was just too cold for it. 

The skirt is paler in real life, It has a nice mixture of pastel colours, Yellow, Mint, Pink, Lilac. Along with some brighter orange. It also has pockets and was half price in Primark at the end of last summer. 

I wore it with a Mint green Primark Sleep vest and my black top from Matalan.

I chose this skirt as spring had sprung Monday and Tuesday of last week, by the time i'd got dressed last Wednesday the sky had turned grey so I decided to wear tights. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear bright purple tights with pastels.

I'm not sure it's a combination I will wear again, but I think I will be wearing the skirt a few more times as soon as we get some nice weather 

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  1. That's a gorgeous skirt! It looks lovely on you. x x

  2. Love love love this skirt looks super cute on u :)...



  3. That skirt is just so pretty!

  4. That skirt is fab!!! I want one!! You look great honey xx

    1. Thanks Emma, it might reappear in the sales at some point mine was on a random sales rail x

  5. The skirt is fabulous! This outfit totally looks like something I'd wear.

    Our weather is playing games too. One day it is perfect spring weather, the next is boiling hot... then it drops 30 degrees. Ugh. Worse when all three happen in one day!

    1. Thanks Nicole, I got confused for a second I was thinking 30 degrees thats boiling but then i realised you mean Degrees F! I work in New weather Money! x


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