The Artful Readers Club #4

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

It's that time of the month again. I'm loving the ARC challenge set up by Darcy. I read a lot i'm averaging 3 books a month at the moment which isn't as much as normal.

This months book isn't one from my list, it is however a book i've been wanting to read for quite some time.

Playing with Grown Ups by Sophie Dhal. I heard about this book a while a go and really wanted to read it. When I spotted it in a charity shop a few weeks ago I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Sadly I hated this book, from page 1 onwards. 

It is a very short book and I found it quite jumpy, it seemed to speed through time and jump from who was speaking and what was going on.

The jist is a young girl with a bohemian artist mother shares her journey from childhood to 15 years old.

It starts with her as an adult, leaving her husband to visit her mother.

It then flashing back to her childhood in a sleepy village, to boarding school, an absent father, life in a commune in America with a Guru. Sex drugs and rock and roll back in 80's London and a Nanny and twin siblings. 

It followers her as she follows her mothers whims and as they are or seem to be wealthy they can live the life style that is unobtainable and possibly not necessarily want to live.   

There were a lot of supporting character who I would have liked to know more about. The Grandparents who were from Scandinavia, Aunts who went to live in France. The Husband who was left behind, her younger siblings. Even her life after the age of 15. 

I'm sad to say I was very disappointed in this book and would only give it 1 out of 5. 

I haven't been inspired to create any art as yet for this book. 

Have you read this book? Do you share my opinion or have I got the complete wrong end of the stick?

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The below picture is what I did originally in the art pad i've been doing all my ARC stuff in. 

However after I did the above picture I have misplaced the pad and I can't for the life of me find it. No doubt it will turn up. 

I got a new pad and I am hoping to find the time to redo Jan - Mar pictures in here as its a much smaller and neater size for me. 

as you can see I went for a similar theme on both writing words that relate to the book as the back ground. On the second book i found some stencils which I used to add an extra layer to.

I prefer the 2nd one

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  1. sorry you didn't enjoy it Steph, hope next months is better.

  2. Sorry Steph. I've never heard of this book, or the author, So I have no perspective. Hope to see your art, though. Maybe next month will be better.

  3. What a shame that you have been so dissapointed with a book that you had been looking forward to readIng. That is not good!
    I have not read it and will not be reading either.
    I am not surprised that you have not created an 'inspired' piece of art yet, not sure if you will be able to either after being so dissapointed!

  4. What a good job it was a charity shop buy. It's always so disappointing when a book turns out that way, and then it is difficult to be inspired to create artwork for it. At least the benefit is that the rest of us will know to avoid the book! So thank you!

  5. Sorry that there is no art! And you didn't like it, shame. I hope you do get around to doing something arty soon for this review. I hope you enjoy your next book much more Dxx

  6. Oh dear, sorry you didn't enjoy your book this month :(

  7. What a shame you did not enjoy the book. Totally understand that you were not inspired to make any artwork from it. Better luck next time.

    Janet xx

  8. Oh no - such a shame you didn't enjoy the book, it sounds a bit all over the place! I hope next months book works out better for you! x


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