Baby Shower

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I wanted to share a few photo's I look at my friends baby shower last weekend. 

She doesn't know what she is having and I really struggled to find neutral baby grows. I didn't want to get a blanket or bibs as I know a lot of other people. I had resigned myself to plain white sleep suits but I couldn't even find them!

My last call was Primark. I really should have made the effort and go to Tesco or Asda but I just didn't have a chance to go. 

I still think these are a little bit masculine but I loved the circus theme and they are only sleep suits. 

I also got her a Lush Gift set. The cat took quite a shine to it Shhh!!!!

I went for Blooming Beautiful as she is! 

All wrapped up in Pink

Her mum and sisters had organised the baby shower and they did an amazing job. These cupcakes are amazing I had a lemon one. 

How cute is the window display? We played a few games. nappy changing races. I won my prize was Cath Kidson hand soap and some all purpose balm. it was lucky dip for prizes and I was pretty chuffed.

How pretty is this flower in her Garden? (I think it's a camellia) 

Some of the gifts.  While she unwrapped her gifts one of her sisters supervised her Neices decorate some baby grows for her. How cute!

The Girls also had a pushchair pinta and boy did they beat the crap out of it! We also played a couple of other games, Stick the dummy to the baby and nursery rhyme pop quiz. We got 14/20! I'm totally not a baby person and struggled with the awws and ahhs. Thought i'd pulled a convincing job until someone asked if it was making me broody and I said "nope" the opposite!

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  1. Fab choice of sleepsuits, I used to buy all mine from Primark when my son was a baby. x

  2. Those sleepsuits are adorable! I think they are pretty gender neutral. The yellow/aqua/grey could work for a boy or girl. The elephants are my favorite part!


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