Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

It's time for another Fatshionologie, this months theme is Formal Office / Interview wear.

It's been a couple of years since I started at my current job and I haven't had an interview since.

My day to day office wear is smart casual (Smashual) I don't really go to important meetings or meet clients so I'm fairly laid back and you have seen most of my day to day work outfits on the blog.

As you can see it's not very Smart.

What I would say is wear something you feel comfortable in. 

For my current job I had two interviews. 

For the first interview I wore Black Trousers, a black spotty top (Possibly the one in the photo above) and a Navy jacket (Not a suit Jacket) I felt OK but the trousers were a bit too tight and slightly too long and I felt conscious. 

I got told the second interview was with the same people so I knew I needed to to wear something different.

I spent ages trying to find a suit, but they just don't fit me. In the end I decided to go with something I would wear if I actually got the job. 

I wore a Navy abstract floral Jersey wrap dress which was actually from TJ Hughes! 

I felt smart, comfortable and not worrying about tripping over my hems. 

Do feel like you have to wear a suit to be smart and  wear suits and tailors pieces. I'm sure being comfortable and confident in what I was wearing got me the job far more than wearing a suit that I would have been fidgeting and not felt like myself. 

I hope this was the actual theme and I've not totally gone off point 

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