Mua addiction

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 
This post is inspired by Shona who had the opportunity to Blog on the MUA blog itself. 

Shona shared her her top 5 MUA Items. I thought i'd share all (Most) of of MUA Collection. 

I don't wear makeup very often, I feel very self concious when I wear it as people tend to comment on it. (Not the you look nice kind of comments but more like who are you trying to impress / got a date (snigger) kind of comments) 

I am also an eye rubber so eye make up is a waste of time one me. 

It doesn't stop me buying it and what I like about MUA is the quality Vs Price. I've tried buying more expensive high street brands and can honestly say MUA is one of the best. 

The colours of foundation match me better than any other brand. 

I haven't used the lip liner yet, i'm a bit scared of it. 

Just a few nail varnishes. I think there are more (ops) In my defence 5 of them were free!

Lippy. My favourite is shade 11. 

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  1. I haven't tried any MUA things yet but I'm looking forward to trying them, have an order all ready to go :)


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