NOTD Koala Bear

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

If I didn't already have enough nail polish already I treated myself to 3 more MUA polishes. (3 4 2 @ Superdrug) 

I decided to try the Koala Bear colour which in the bottle is a lovely shade of grey (Not  50) 

This is not a one coat polish, it isn't even a 2 coat polish - the below picture is 2 coats.

4 coats it took to get it this deep and I feel like it needed another one but didn't have time.

However saying that I am impressed at its staying power. I usually chip my nails within mins of applying and the below picture was 3 days later. 

One nail ripped, then chipped and then I started picking the polish off!

I'm looking forward to trying the other colours. I hope they go on a bit thicker!

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