#OMCZ 7 - Geek Chic

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

It's time for the 7th #OMCZ challenge. This time it was Gails Choice. 

1. Date Due:  Wednesday, May 22nd
2. Time Due prior to noon your time.
3. Challenge: Geek Chic

Thick framed glasses, satchels, video game related stuff...you know the deal.

Hope that's ok with everyone?!

I had the perfect outfit planned in my head but I can't find what I wanted to wear. I have also ordered some new glasses which would have been perfect. 

As the clock crept round to 9pm on Tuesday night I decided I had to find something. 

While I haven't worn this outfit out of the house I feel like i've cheated but I didn't want to not post. I will wear it (well most of it out of the house at some point this week)

I look like i'm concentrating hard on my game but sadly the battery is dead and the "game" in the back is learn to speak french! 

Top - H&M - Birthday Present
Skirt - H&M - Birthday Present
Tights - Primark
Socks - H&M
Tiara - Primark
Braclet - Twisted Siren
Nails - MUA Mud Pie

This outfit for me is OMCZ because I would never wear a sheer top without a vest underneath. Nor would I wear knee socks but I kinda like it! 

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  1. Loving the tiara and the top. I couldn't find my Gameboy. Boo. x x

    1. Awww no gameboy? your outfit was fab. I love my tiara I need to find occasions to wear it more

  2. Love the top, and your bracelet is really cute xx


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