The Artful Readers Club #5

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

The fifth instalment of The Artful Readers Club. I've read a couple of books this month. The first book I read was the book I intended to review but I honestly can't remember anything about it! 

The second book I read I really enjoyed. (Shock Horror I know!) 

Sophie Hannah - Hurting Distance. 

I think I've read all of her other books but this was one we came across in Sainsbury's 2 for £3 a couple of weeks ago. 

My only real problem with this book is that i've read them out of sequence (User error not the author) So I know what happens next and was thinking oh stop being so wet! 

This book also answered some questions for me as in later books they refer back to "an incident" and I think this book was the missing link!

If you are not aware of Sophie Hannah books you might know her work through the TV Series Case Sensitive. 

The general premis is detectives Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse work together for Cullver Valley police and are in a will they won't they type relationships which in this book is more she loves him, he loves her not (or he might but isn't in the right place)

These books are not love stories but psychological thrillers. There are always elements of  weird and in some cases sick and twisted elements. 

I find them very readable and while I do guess most of the endings it is a good journey. 

This book is set round a Single woman having an affair with a married man that goes missing. She reports him missing but the police don't take her seriously especially as his wife stays he isn't missing. 

The woman then lies to the police to get them to "take her seriously!" 

I can't really go into may more details without giving it away.

I'd say this book is not for the feint hearted or prudish person. 

It touches on abuse, rape, abduction, bad holidays, bad choices, sundials, murder and other not so nice topics. 

If you like British crime books then please read this and all of her other books. 

Although the stories them selves are stand alone there is a lot of background stories that continue from book to book so it is worth reading them in order. 

Art - as I write this I haven't thought about it properly. Hopefully by the time we post I'll have done something! 

I'm pleased to report I have done Aprils Art. I did it a while ago but haven't taken a picture. Fingers crossed I can post both together

Finally some art. This is it in a WIP stage. I have singe gone a bit crazy with a camera stamp and a couple of others that I think relate to the story 

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  1. I suspect because I am not British, I have never heard of Case Sensitive. If it's a mystery and on TV, I'm going to watch it, including Mystery! on PBS. You know what we say in the States: You send us your trash and we call it masterpieces. We send our masterpieces and you call it trash.

    I personally believe you send masterpieces, because any mystery made in England has always had that certain flair. Maybe it's the countryside, maybe the change of scenery, maybe the wonderful accents, or maybe it's great writing and acting. Regardless, if this series was on TV, I'd know about it. And feint of heart or not, I would love to read this series of books.

  2. Loved the sound of the book and the series from your review, Steph... will have to check it out. I've never heard of it though...not British!!

  3. I think the phrase "sundials, murder and other not so nice topics" will stay in my head for a very long time.

    I enjoy a good psych thriller, so I might give this a go ;-)

  4. Great review! It's good you've found another book you liked. :)

  5. So glad you found a book to enjoy! Your review was very interesting as were your clues to the plot!

    Janet xx

  6. Great review, I've not heard of these books, actually don;t think I have seent he tv series either. I might have to look out for them.

  7. Good to read your review, not heard of this series or seen the TV series either. Will have to keep my eye open for both the books and the shows.

  8. hahaha....*nervous laughter*..."abuse, rape...murder..and some not so nice stuff"...WTF is the "not nice stuff" you already listed some horrible stuff lol Great review, sounds like a gripping series :D XXX

  9. I enjoyed the review; sounds like a good psycho-thriller series. I will have to look into this. Looking forward to seeing your artwork.


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