Charity Shop Challenge June

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Another charity shop challenge and some personal milestones for me.

As you probably know, I don't openly share my blogging with friends and family. (some know but not many) and I've never really told anyone. Not for any particular reason other than blogging is my thing, If I don't mention it I don't have to answer questions or deal with praise or scorn or whatever.

When I was looking for something for this challenge in Bird Cage Skipton, the woman on the till asked me if i'd been in before. I said yes I go in every time I go to Skipton and I did a charity shop challenge on my blog each moth and had used something from them a couple of months ago.

She said she wasn't really sure what a blog was but was interested in the challenge and was really positive. I had a quick browse then bravely gave her one of the cards i've had printed with my blog details. (first time i've given one to anyone who hasn't asked(I mean I initiated the giving of the card))

She then introduced me to the shop manager who gave me the correct twitter link and told me a bit around the charity they support. I know it's not really a massive deal but I felt good for talking about blogging to someone who had no idea about it.

Onwards to this months challenge.

From Bardandos A Tommy and Kate Dress £5.99 I've not heard of Tommy and Kate before but from twitter I believe they are sold on QVC but I can't find the brand on the website at the moment.

I couldn't leave Birdcage without buying anything. I got two necklaces for £5 the one I want to share with you is this lovely gold one with stars on it.

I wore the outfit today to go to Denton. The sun kept going in so I also wore my Cardie from tesco and my shoes are from Miss Selfridge.

Sarah and Emma have also taken part this month. I love there outfits.

When I drafted this post I'd said I was having a spending ban on clothes in July but as I bought a pair of shoes from Barnardos today I will be taking part again next month! :0)

If you fancy taking part please let me know and I'll pass your details to Sarah xxx

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  1. You look proper dapper Steph! Very snazzy!

  2. Thank you mi dear. I do love this dress. I always find good stuff in barnados. it is my charity shop of choice at the moment x


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