Christening Sweet Buffet and cake

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Last week I showed you what I wore for the Christening last Sunday. I mentioned the cake but I didn't show you any photo's.

Sweet Buffet - my friend the Auntie of the birthday / christening girl owns a sweet shop The Choc Box in my village and she did the most amazing buffet. This is a picture the night before when we set everything up.  The Pompoms are amazing and she make them herself.

The sign is so cute and look at all the yummy sweets. I love the Ribbon Tree which was made by another friend

All the kitKats had personalised wrappers. I didn't get a shot of the party bags but they had sweets, drinks and other goodies. I kinda wanted one myself.

The cake, where do I begin with the cake. It is amazing! This was made my a local bakery. The Hazelnut Bakery in Delph. 

It had rainbow sponge inside in Pink, Yellow and Green. 

I had a fab time and enjoyed my two bags of sweets 

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