Christening Wear and a Review

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

Last weekend I went to a Christening and the few days before I was in a bit of a pickle about what to wear.

The weather was looking iffy (what a change) and It's been a long time since I've been to a Christening.

There is a fine line between looking like you are very formal and being too casual.

On Friday of last week the lovely Curvissa sent me an Ethnic Print Dress to review, the dress is lovely but I thought it was too short to wear on its own or with tights. I've grown so used to wearing leggings with everything and I thought they were too casual.

My main concern would be that it would ride up when I was sat down but after a number of sitting down test it didn't ride up it stayed knee length when I was sat down, which was a lot!

I added a thin brown belt which I found on my mums dressing table and some chunky beads which I think are from Primark a million years ago

Ethnic Print Dress £42 

I love this dress and Think at £42 it is a really good price. It's nice jersey material and so comfy. 

I ordered the size 20 and after initially thinking it was far too small I think it is just a tad too small. Normally I'd have gone for a 22 but I think it was wishful thinking on my part and I'd say this dress is true to size.

The christening was fab, as you know i'm not the biggest fan of children and as it was a combined christening / 6th Birthday I expected to be in Hell. I wasn't they had an entertainer who was amazing. I want to book him for my next birthday. Amazing Buffet and an even more amazing cake. 

The cake may get a post of it's own!

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  1. The dress is amazing and you look fabulous x

    1. Thank you. I do love this dress. Think it will get plenty of outings x

  2. I love ethnic prints at the moment. That's lovely!! xxx


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