Clothes Swap #5 - Part 1

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

As you will know I went to the 5th (My 3rd) Clothes swap in Leeds last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and was lovely to see so many of the people I chat to on twitter as well as the people I now count as friends and meet up with slightly more often (but not often enough) 

I didn't take my photo's but Just want to share the ones I did take here. 

Once I've got all my clothes washed I will do another post on all the amazing things I got. 

My aim was to take a caseful and bring back half a caseful and I did just that. 

I had such a lovely afternoon, I always feel very socially awkward and I think I can come across as being a bit off / rude or even snappish but it's my anxiety building a wall, so apologies if i came across anyone one of these things to you. 

Saying that I feel more at ease with those guys at the swap that I do with my own friends some times and I really don't feel like I had my conversations. 

I'm so rubbish at knowing what to say and as I have no real life other than work. No OH / No hobbies (except shopping) and no conversation other than boring banal chatter that makes no sense or has no point (I fear Leah was a victim of my chatter mouth) 

I love everyone of you and I will one day learn to make conversion! 

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  1. Steph, I loved talking to you! You didn't ramble at all. x x

  2. Ooh, good pictures. I hardly got any.
    (oh, and you didn't come accross as any of those bad things at all, and if you were anxious it didn't seem that way) xxx

    1. Thanks Gemma, I start off with all the confidence in the world. Then all of a sudden I have a mild flash of panic and feel like I have to control myself and then come across all weird x


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