Northern Home Show

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to the Northern Home Show via Laura from Blogs up North Thank you Laura. 

It was on Friday to Sunday this weekend and while I don't have my own house I do love all aspects of home improvement and I am soon to re-do my room so I was looking for inspiration and ideas. 

The event was at Event City next to the Trafford Centre. The Trafford Centre is somewhere I tend to avoid. I've been once in the past 10 years with the exception of this weekend. 

It's also a bit of a faff for me to get to but I'm really glad I made the effort to go. 

I walked right in as I'd printed off my ticket and was immediately overwhelmed by the size of the venue. I wandered round and there were a wide variety of stands from windows, bathrooms, alarms, fireplaces, furniture and interiors. I'm sure i've missed a lot of areas. 

I wanted to share a few of my favourites. The photo's were taken with my phone as I saw a sign saying no social media or photo's and I saw no one with a camera but as i'm a very visual person I wanted to take some (Sneaky)

Rustic Furniture:
I'm not sure i'd ever have something like this myself but it's very interesting. 
One Item of theirs I would love (oh to have the room) would be this table with built in Ice Buckets Oh wow! I need this. Sadly we only have a small back garden and it is made up of a number of steps so even a mini version of this wouldn't work but oh to dream. 

I didn't spend much time at this stand but as I overheard one of the people on the stand say one of the models cost £4K! apart from my irrational fear of loo's that don't go all the way to the floor what other than a flush does this do?! if it irons and tidies up please can I have one?!

I love these chairs, nice simple and pretty

The other stands included an all female decorating service. The lady of the stand gave me a leaflet which I have sadly mislayed but she gave me a brief history and said they also offer a room clearance service where they will come in a box up a room, decorate and then come in put things back and clean up which sounds fantastic. They also had some bits and bobs for sale. I love the cushion. 

The next stand and possibly my favourite was home sense. This is TK Maxx's home arm and their stand was so warm and welcoming, I wanted pretty much everything on the stand and while my room is tiny and i'm thinking of fitted cupboards and pale colours I really want a shabby chic look. 
I entered a raffle which meant visiting the store in the trafford centre to see if i'd won anything. I'd planned to go over anyway, sadly I didn't win anything but while I was there a couple won a £10 voucher and a note book. 

I feel in love with this elephant. He's too cute. 

There were also ask the architect, talks my professionals and other areas. 

MultiYork were also there and I want everything.

Especially this clock

All I need now is to win the lottery and buy a house and spend my life looking at soft furnishings. 

I'm not sure I'm any closer to knowing what I want for my bedroom. Give me a house and I could decorate it twice over. 

Did you go? Do you like homeware as much as I do? 

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