Omcz 8 - Shorts

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Time for another #OMCZ challenge. This weeks challenge was chosen by Nicole

Date Due:  Wednesday, 5th June
Time Due prior to noon your time.
Challenge: Shorts

Shorts and me have a bit of a love hate relationship. I want to wear them but I haven't found a pair that suit me and I always feel like I look a but of a twit wearing them. 

My Shorts inspiration is Rachel she always looks amazing in her shorts and I found a pair the same (Or Very similar to) a pair she has in the New Look sale £9.99

I bought them for taking to Berlin but with last weekends nice weather I decided to wear them. 

I then came to the dilemma of what top to wear with them. 

I decided to wear a boob tube top (Matalan) and cardigan (Tesco) Sandals (M&S) 

Being honest I really didn't feel comfortable. The shorts are too short, I am feeling above my maximum weight allowance for my body but not doing anything about it so feeling unhappy with everything I put on really.  

I think I will try the shorts with tights next time so I don't feel quite as exposed. 

When we got back to the caravan I changed the denim shorts for a pair of cycling shorts I'd got to wear under dresses and combat chub rub. 

Boob Tube, cycling shorts and flip flops were the perfect combination for sunbathing. 

These are the best flip flops I have ever bought! They are on their last legs and really need to be binned but I'm not ready to part with them just yet. 

From the neck down I love this outfit. I walked round the site in this outfit and felt so much better about myself. 

I love these shorts so much I bought a second pair! 

I need your help, what top should I wear with the Denim shorts?

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  1. Love you on shorts but even love more the top on you!

    Mary ;)*

    1. Thank you hunny! the top only cost £1 as well :0)

  2. I love the denim shorts :) I wear mine with tshirts tucked in or loose and I also have a peplum top which goes really well with them xx

    1. Thanks. I need to try different things. I think I might be the wrong shape to pull them off :0(

  3. I think the short look great on you. You've got lovely slim legs. If I'm wearing something that's tight on the bottom I wear a shirred top with elastic around the boobs, then the looser bit below flatters my tum. Or peplum tops are a good idea too. x x

  4. I could never wear shorts ! Fantastic post! x


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