30 Day challenge - Day 10

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

Day 10 Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

Too many to mention, The worst was possibily when I was about 19 I fell down a full flight of stairs, Arse over tit in walkabout bar, broke my new shoes and bruised by entire body purple and worst of it was I was due in work at 8 the next day and they were doing an office move round and I couldn't get through to anyone. 

I fell and half 9 and we finished work at 9 that night and i'd not even had a sip of my first drink.

I went to work on the monday, They called me in to an office to bollock me and I rolled my pant leg up and explained and they wanted to take me to A&E. good job I had most of work as a witness and i'd done it so early!

It's normal for me to fall over! I fall up stairs, down stairs, stood still so falling is normal. That has to be my worst fall!


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  1. I'm kind of used to falling, it's not the first time i've fallen down a flight of stairs and it won't be the last. (in fact, i have fallen down at least one other set of stairs since!)

  2. I think we need to bubble wrap you!


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