Fatshionologie - Beer Garden

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Wow sometimes being so organised means I miss things, if it wasn't for Becky emailing saying she would be posting late I wouldn't have remembered about this post. 

Luckily I had taken some photo's at the weekend. 

It is quite a rarity for me to be in a beer garden but with this weekends nice weather an a trip to Skipon I did go in a beer garden twice.  

Friday my papa picked me up from work and drove me over to Skipton to meet my mum, she has been staying there this week and we headed to wetherspoons for some tea. 

I'd gone straight for work so I thought ahead as I knew i'd be going straight out and wore my trusty denim skirt from Sainsburys, red vest from H&M and a cardie I got from the Leeds Clothes swap. I also more my new shoes from DP 

We ate good food. 
I took a drunken selfie (beads from primark) 

and drunk wine. We stayed out till 10.30pm before going home and chilling out 

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  1. I love that skirt and you look really good! x x

  2. That looks like a fab night, and I love your outfit, I really want a nice skirt like that but have yet to find one x


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