The 30 day blogger challenge - Day 20

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Onward to day 20

Day 20, Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.

I always think the things i'm sharing on this challenge are rather trivial or frivolous but i guess i don't want this to be too dark or anything, but what i'm struggling with at the moment may be a bit TMI so feel free to tune out now.

What i'm struggling with is being a girl, woman, female what ever term you like. For over 12 months I hadn't had a "proper" period, I have constantly had what I would consider day 1 or 2 of a period pretty much every day since last May, constant ovary pain and just not felt myself. 

I have been steadily gaining weight and I just generally don't like myself very much, whilst maintaining my happy outward appearance of a confident plus size blogger. 

Last October when I went to the doctors about something else (ear infection knowing me) I broke down crying and asked the doctor for help. I want to feel normal whatever that may be. I feel like I can't have a relationship because who would want me in my current state. I don't even want me.

The doctor wasn't very sympathetic, she weighed me and tutted, took my blood pressure and sighed then tutted. There wasn't anything they could do. I wasn't eligible for the pill as weight and BP both too high, fair enough, plus the pill would only really mask the symptoms and not actually do anything. She mentioned there were options but unfortunately for me she said with a smirk I wasn't eligible as I wasn't trying for a baby. One of these days i'm going to lie and say I am! 

I then said, I felt like I just needed one good period to excuse the phrase flush me out. She then said she would prescribe me some Norothistrone but it could have some risk and would cause a Very heavy period, then in theory I should have "normal" periods for a few months but then I might need to go back for some more.

I toddled off to my local boots and got the tablets, then lost them! Then I found out that doctor who was a Locum had been removed from my doctors as they'd had a large number of complaints. When I found them again I was too wary to take them, I also did some googling and found out they are not meant to be given to obese people! HELLO, side effects could include heart attacks. Oh why is google available for medical things. 

A couple of weeks my friend who is in a similar PCOS situation but not quite the same was round and found the tablets again and said thats what she was on, she takes them 20 days a month and had been on them for a couple of months. I had a 10 day course so decided to take them! 

I took my last on last Thursday and came on on Saturday and when I say came on I mean ON! 

I am in so much pain, I wish I hadn't bothered and feel weepy, sleepy, moody, emotional, messy and queasy! No heart attack as yet. It's been so warm and I am sleeping with 2 hot water bottles, I am on 2 hourly pain killers alternating Parra and Brufen and I'm praying it is over soon! It is only Tuesday and no sign of any let up as yet. 

I have gone through 4 packs of towels and almost 80 baby wipes in the last few days! The only good thing I| can think of is I have opposite to watch the adverts tell us and I usually get cold at the time of the month and I haven't had my usual Time of the Month Tooth ache that I usually get. 

Apologies If you have got this far but thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi Steph, I hope you start to feel better soon! If there was such a thing as a virtual hug I would send you one! It might be worth going back to see if you can be seen by a different doctor as they may be able to suggest something new if the current treatment you are trying doesn't work.

    Lucy x

  2. I'm sorry to hear you are struggling, I would go back to the GP and maybe get a second opinion as the locum was totally useless and all too often they just fob us off when it comes to periods and the like hugs to you and I hope you start to feel better xx

  3. Massive hugs Steph. It sucks when your periods are f*cked up. I have ovarian cysts but not the syndrome so I get all the pain but thankfully none of the other stuff. I hate my periods and if not for desperately wanting to be a mum I'd say they could rip my whole reproductive system out tomorrow.

    I hope the pain passes soon and you can see a doctor who's less of an arse. x x x

  4. I hope you are feeling better now. I had the notrothisterone for a few months to try and stop my non stop period and the side effects were awful so please be careful when taking them x.

  5. *Norothistrone* Im so tired I can't spell!

  6. I keep saying i'm not being a human girl in my next life!!! xxx

  7. My GP's is rubbish, you can never see your own GP and have to take your chance that is if there is a doc available. I've finished the course and will see what happens this time next month x

  8. Thank you, I'm going to see how I get on. My doctors is a big practice and it's really hard to get an appointment so try and avoid it if I can! x

  9. Sorry to here you've had trouble as well. I was only given a 10 day course and touch wood it hasn't been too bad. Some strange pains and stuff but we'll have to see what happens next months. Ideally I don't want to get into taking medication all the time if I don't need to xxx


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