The Artful Readers Club #7

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Wow July, I'm pretty sure I start each one of these post in this way. I will try and do better for August!

This month I read Tom Holt's In Your Dreams.

I read this a few weeks ago now and I'm still not sure what I make of it. I think I need to read The Portable Door first which this book refers back to quite a bit. 

The book is set in an office where an Intern gets assigned to his new department - Pest Control. Only it's not quite cockroaches and wasp nest, the company he works for is run by Goblins (I hope i've got that right) The pest control department isn't his first choice but it's him or his girlfriend so he accepts the roll. His girlfriend seems to get the better end of the deal and is assigned to the Hollywood Office. 

Paul's new boss has to go on assignment and Paul is left to hold the fort with the help of a dwarf who has to juggle his day job of visiting the bank and helping Paul Control the pests. 

Things aren't quite as straight forward as all that and things start to go wrong and Paul has go save the day, with the help of his Car Monika, an old flame from Primary school (or is she) and the head of the companies Mother who may or may not totally have the hots for him!

It's a bit of an odd one really, I read it in 3 days so I can't have been awful but I still don't think I liked it or enjoyed it. Maybe I'll try and find The Portable Door then re-read it? Maybe? 

If you have read any of the other books, I'm in no doubt you would love it but I still kind of feel there is something missing. 

I got this book from a charity shop and at the time I thought it was the 1st book but I was wrong. 

Art is still WIP I have a background page as as I type this I have had an idea for the main page so watch this space. 

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  1. REset Disqus hope this comment works :/
    I too hate it when I start reading a book without realising it is one in a series....maybe that is why the story didn't seem to be "all There" :D You art pages are coming along wonderfully :D XXX

  2. Thanks Gina. and YAY Your re-set worked x

  3. I have read one Tom Holt before and came away from it with the same feeling so maybe it's just the way he writes and we don't 'get it'.

    Liking the look of your pages - is that coin rubbings?

  4. That makes me feel better, so glad it's not just me x

  5. Bleubeard and Elizabeth3 August 2013 at 18:21

    I've not heard of Tom Holt, but I don't like reading a book, only to feel I entered in the middle. Your art is fantastic, though. I love the 'coins?' if that is what they are. They sure compliment the concept of the bank. Love the idea of having a car named Monika.

  6. Thanks they are coins, a mix of British, euro and coins that are pre euro

  7. I have only read one of his books, thoush I have about 8. I read the Portable Door, which i loved, so i am looking forward to reading the others when i get time.

  8. I think I will try portable door, think it might answer some questions


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