Berlin 2013 - Hen Do Alert

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello Sweeties, 

I'm home from Berlin and had a good time. It was very tame as hen do's go and not one hand over between the 6 of us who drank! 

We arrived on Sunday evening and went for a traditional German meal. The restaurant was 2 seconds walk from our hotel and it was like going into someones front room, there were no menu's and the owners tried there best in broken English to explain what was on offer. 

I had slices of cold roast beef, fried sliced potatoes which came with a cucumber and onion salad and what i'm assuming was potato, gerkin and mayo. It was really good. Most of my friends had a beef stew and dumpling which came with boiled potatoes and  hot red cabbage. I was really impressed but I think the others had mixed reviews! 

On Monday we bought a pass for a hop on hop off bus and did the full circuit with a bit of hopping off, walking and hopping back on again. 

We started at 1B and went to Checkpoint Charlie.

We then walked for a while

Via the chocolate shop Fassbender & Rausch where they have the most amazing sculptures made out of chocolate, Bears, planes, Titianic, the Berlin TV Tower and much more, one thing that surprised me was that there was no smell of chocolate at all!!!

We headed over the the TV Tower, I really didn't want to go up it. I've been up the Sydney tower and had a bit of a wobble. When we arrived at the tower there was a massive queue and only the Hen wanted to go up. I said I'd go up it with you when no one else volunteered and instantly regretted my decision. We all went for lunch to somewhere doing amazing Pizza's and I couldn't eat. I didn't even order one. I'm sure some people thought I was being mard but the thought of it made me feel really ill but as the hen really wanted to go up it and it'd taken us ages to walk to it I didn't think it was fair just to walk away form it and let her go alone.

It was actually ok and I think the thought of it was worse than the actual going up. It didn't actually seem that high, there was no revolving floor (that was a floor higher up in the restaurant)  and once i'd got my legs back (I was convinced it was revolving for a few mins) I think it helped that it's not floor to ceiling glass and there is a rail round. 

It was a very clear day and i'm sad to say my favourite view was barbies dream house! I have no idea what this is but doesn't it look fab! 

We then went back on the bus and headed over to the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust memorial garden.

 before having an epic wander to locate bus stop 17 and onward back to stop 1b. Tip you don't have to go all the way round this monument to get to bus stop 17, we did!!!

Monday night we went to an Italian restaurant under our hotel then back to the residents bar. 

Tuesday we went to the hotel pool, which was part of a gym and we almost got roped in to OAP Aquacise! we quickly made our leave and after a complementary Currywurst! Sadly I didn't get a photo and for me it's a never to be repeated experience! 

We then hit the shops, we all walked over together and split off into little groups. I went off alone which was for 2 reasons. I prefer it and 2 I went in the wrong H&M looking for the others! 

I got a few bits which I'll post about separately and  for our last supper we went to Hard Rock Cafe. 

TBH I'm not a massive fan of the one in Manchester and it wouldn't have been my choice but I enjoyed it. We had a few cocktails and I had a cheese burger. It had odd melting / not melting cheese but tasted good. One thing that always makes me laugh is they ask you how you want it and bring it out well done anyway. If they'd not have asked me i'd have been 110% happy with how it was cooked but I asked for M|edium Rare and it came out charcoaled! I think ask me and cook it to order or don't ask and cook it however you like! 

The next day we were up and out the flight was delayed and it didn't have a time so we feared the worst but after a quick text to la mama it was only 20 mins late and our pilot got a few sneaky short cuts so we landed early! Bonus!!

I really want to go back to Berlin. I would stay in a different area but it was a lovely hotel, we had a huge room!

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