Charity Shop Challenge - August

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I have been charity shop hopping again and I think I've got outfits for the next three months. I'm telling Skipton is my Charity Shop Mecca.

Dress / Tunic - Evans Originally via The Greyhound shop, I can't remember how much this cost but it was defo under £5, It wasn't new with tags but I really liked the print and it's soft jersey so mega comfy.

The Cardigan is from Adsa and it was new with tags from the Scope shop and cost £4, which was half the shop price.

I wore this on a sunday to potter about the house and have a sort out, as the top is a bit too short to wear as a dress I wore it with my black jeggins and my mums shoes.

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  1. I've recently discovered the hidden gems in charity shops. Last week I found an LK Bennett cardigan in fantastic condition for £6.50, bargain!

  2. WifeMumStudentBum30 August 2013 at 20:21

    Wow I love thrift shopping, you really have got yourself some bargains there hun x

  3. Charity Shops are the way to go! My best mate's mum works in Barnados and in exchange for a little work volunteering we were allowed to pick a few little items out of the shop and genuinely miss it.

    Kate Hurn x

    Beauty Hot Squad - New Haircare Wonder Product and Hair Care Q&A

  4. I got some great bargains for my summer holiday from charity shop - ought to use them more!

  5. Have to love a good charity shop bargain! Great find with the tunic and everyone needs a black cardi! X

  6. Sometimes you have to wade through some bad stuff but there are some gems to be had x

  7. Got to love a good charity shop haul, it's often worth checking against the real shops as sometime there sale price is less than the charity shop, but there are bargains to be had x

  8. thanks, I do love a good charity shop hunt, i've had some amazing things recently x

  9. We've always got books from Charity shops but I got a few bits and pieces last year and then starting this challenge has me as a regular. I've had some really good things x

  10. oh wow what a bargain!!!! I got a couple of Hotter handbags from a charity shop in York I assumed they'd been past season but they are still on the website xx


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