Charity Shop Challenge July

Friday, August 02, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

July / August what's a couple of days between friends? 

I was so organised this month, I've had all the items for a good few weeks, the dress has even had 3 wears out but yet no pictures got taken. 

Normally we post the last Friday of the Month and this came and went and I didn't contact the others thinking i'll take the pics and use them next month. 

Then Emma tweeted me and Sarah asking if we were posting on Wednesday which was the last day of July and we agreed to post Friday which means Thursday night still no pictures. I went up stairs to do my ritual of putting my PJs on as soon as I come home from work but decided to do my pictures instead! Not a total cop out!!! 

technically I have gone over budget but in my defence the necklace wasn't really mean to be part of the outfit I just liked it so much I decided I'd include it!

Once again my Items are from my two favorite charity shops, Barnados and The Birdcage Skipton. 

The shoes were my first purchase and they are brand new Evans Espidrells and cost me £4.99. When I got the shoes i saw the dress and I decided I didn't need it. 

I then looked at Rebs Holiday photos and saw she had the dress, she is my clothes twin and I decided I needed that dress! My friend asked if I fancied going to the retails park where I'd seen the dress a couple of weeks later and I bit her hand off. If it was meant to be my dress would still be there! You guessed it. It was £9.99 and it was originally from Simply Be. It wasn't new with tags and I think £9.99 is a bit steep but I loved it, its a good cause and it was fate! 

Finally the necklace. Its really unusual and i loved it as soon as i saw it, it was only £2.99 and its is really light. 

Have you had any bargains recently? 

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  1. Sciencegeekchic2 August 2013 at 17:17

    Good finds, I agree £9.99 is a little steep for a charity shop but if it is good quality and new then I don't mind paying the price as I figure it is no more expensive than a normal store.xx

  2. I love it what fantastic finds those shoes are fab xxx

  3. Thank you. The dress wasn't new though. It has slightly worn bits but I've worn it a few times so cost per wear will be not too bad

  4. Thanks I'm really pleased with them xxx

  5. You got some really good buys and the outfit is lovely. I never seem to have much luck at charity shops! x

  6. Thanks, I've had some fab things recently


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