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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Don't laugh but I only found out that the bottom of the MUA lipstics unscrew and have a lipgloss in them. I just assumed it was a swatch of the colour so you could tell at a glance which colour you wanted! 

The older ones just click on and off but the newer ones have a screw cap. 

I do love MUA lippies and they are £1 each. There are 16 in total but looking on their website there is a couple missing. I'm very tempted to get them all! My favourite one isn't pictured Shade 11. I have snapped this one so will be rebuying it soon. 

The only one i'm a bit confused about is the middle one as it's glittery! i'm sure when I tried it on my hand in the shop it wasn't but I might have picked up a different number than I tried! 

I seem to own a lot of MUA and I really like everything i've bought.  

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  1. You are not alone I had no idea until someone mentioned it on a blog post like you I thought it was so you could see the colour!!! x

  2. I saw it on a blog post, but I can't remember who it was or i'd have linked to them. xx

  3. No I can't remember whose it was I saw it on!

  4. I know I clicked through from Facebook, I guess if i find it again I can always link back to them x

  5. The screw off bit is actually more of a balm than the lipstick again - I have a swatch of shade 1 here which I posted a short while ago

    The Best Lipstick for A/W 2013!

  6. ah cool, i doubt i'll ever use it,it just amazed me that i didn't know!


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