Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I feel like I haven't put any effort into this one so i'm sorry. Rachel had her turn to pick and she choose a fab theme, sadly i've been / am poorly with an ear infection and I haven't been near the computer at home. 

The theme is "Stand Out From The Crowd" 

I love this Idea and I wanted to stand out but tbh I haven't felt it, I decided to use a picture of an outfit I wore in Skipton last weekend. 

While it isn't very outlandish. Its is a bright colour and stood out against the jeans and jumpers of many of the other people.

I've discovered the shed at the caravan is as good as a tripod! who need a camera person!

Ignore the crocs, I didn't go out in them and they are not mine!

Dress ASDA
Leggins Next
Crocs - borrowed 

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  1. Love the colour of your dress! I am always finding new places to balance my camera on too as I rarely manage to get someone to take photographs for me.

  2. The dress is really pretty and I think the colour suits you! x

  3. Mariett Teixeira Matias14 August 2013 at 16:53

    Looking so cute hun!! **

  4. Super cute outfit you look lovely xx

  5. That colour is gorgeous! It looks so good on you xx

  6. Thanks, if you asked me i'd say I don't like orange but i seem to own a lot of it!

  7. I'm sure every photo on my blog has my camera balanced somewhere! needs must. I keep thinking about buying a tripod but balancing is so much more fun x

  8. Agree with everyone else! That color is gorgeous on you!

  9. Really nice outfit, that colour really suits you and the crocs look pretty good too! x

  10. Thanks, they aren't bad as far as croc go and they are pretty comfy x


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