OMCZ 14 Unleash your wild side

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

As this post goes live I will be hopefully be at Berlin Airport waiting for my flight home after my friends Hen Do!

I have  packed my dress which is from Tesco and I will update this post once I get home as long as I remember to get a photo of myself. I am hoping to enlist my friend and room mate as official holiday photographer!

I've looked back through some of my old girlie holiday photo's and there are few if any photo's of me so I'm hoping to try and get someone to take pictures of me or at least have a decent surface in which to balance my camera!

Date Due: Wednesday, 28th August
Time Due prior to noon your time.
Challenge: Unleash your wild side

This time it was Nat's turn to choose the theme.

Nat wrote:

Unleash your wild side

Leopard, cheetah, zebra....... I hope that will join me in unleashing your wild side and show some love for animal print! Shoes, tops ,bags or be brave and go head to toe!

Much Love


I took my dress all the way to Berlin but didn't wear it!

This is the dress and I did wear it to Work on Thursday but I forgot to get a full length shot of me wearing it!

I did get a shoe shot!

We've had another slight line up change so I hope you'll take some time to visit all the other lovelies who take part in this challenge.

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  1. I bet it looked great on! :) This was a good #OMCZ
    I like the new layout by the way. x

  2. Thanks Hollie, i'm sure it will feature on another post soon x


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