The Artful Readers Club #8

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I'm feeling super organised, as I type this we are still in July!

This month I deviated from my list once again and read a book I picked up in an Oxfam shop.

The Invisible Ones by Stef Penny.

I picked this up because I read her previous book The Tenderness of Wolves, a while ago and was awe struck by it and It's on my pile of books I want to re-read.

The Invisible Ones is a totally different type of book to her first one but I am equally as in love with this book.

I found it beautifully written, an engaging and gripping story and I really felt I connected with the people in the book, recently I have disliked a lot of people in a lot of books.

The book is written from two points of view the first a private detective with Gypsy heritage and the second a teenage Gypsy boy who likes with his family and are still very much travellers and not house Gypsies as they call it.

My one complaint, no that is too strong a word, minor issue was that it did a few time jumps back and forward which was slightly confusing but that could just be me.

The story starts with the detective waking up in hospital and being paralysed in parts from what the doctors can only describe as some form of herbal poisoning,  the story then jumps back in time to the detective being engaged by a man to find his daughter. A Gypsy girl who went missing around 7 years earlier from her husbands caravan.

It is queried why he hasn't looked for her sooner and the father knows very little about his daughter or had any contact after she was married but when her mother has passed away he wants her to know, if she is alive rather than finding out through the grapevine.

The detective takes the case more out of curiosity than anything else and he then uses his own Gypsy heritage to delve into the case, mysteries, social stereotyping, prejudices, complex family structures and  misfortune and illness plaguing a family.

The point of view changes to JJ the 14 year old  cousin in law of the missing girl, he tells his families side of this. His family is made up of his mum, his grandparents, a wheelchair bound great uncle, young cousin and his uncle the Husband of the missing girl. There are also various aunts but no other uncles as the family curse and illness his cousin the son of the missing girl has, an illness that has baffled doctors and that has killed off most of the male line of his family but from which his father recovered from after a miracle trip to Lourdes when he was 16.  The family take a trip to Lourdes and  visit the site of an accident that killed and his aunt and in which his uncle was injured.

As the plot thickens the lives of both side increasingly become intertwined, old Gypsy tales are shared and old camping sites are re-visited.

When a body is discovered at one of these old sites that has been turned in to a housing development is this the end or is there another twist.

In some ways the ending might be predictable, my mum said she guessed the ending after chapter 3, While it didn't entirely surprise me  I enjoyed the journey to get there so much I didn't care.

If you want a beautifully written book with a good tale I would recommend this book.

I gave it 5 stars on Good Reads.

As we are still in July I haven't arted as yet but I have ideas :0)

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  1. sounds like a really good book - I look forward to seeing your art - it's September now! ;)

  2. it was really interesting, i need to pull my finger out art work wise x

  3. wow sounds an awesome read, love to hear that people love a book so much they are going to reread it.

  4. it was really good, my September and October books are both going going to be amazing reviews as well x


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