Midi rings

Midi Ring from Primark

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I've finally bought myself some Primark Midi rings, I've been wanting some for a while and decided for the price (£1.50) I might as well just buy some. 

I really like them. They didn't really irritate me but I did have to keep rearranging the spiral one as I felt my circulation cutting off a few times.

I might have also bought them in silver as well
What do you think? 


I've Been Spending Again

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Over the past few weeks I seem to have run out of a few bits of make up or fell out of love with what I've been using. 

This morning I popped in to Boots with the intention of getting a new make up sponge. I've been trying to use a foundation brush but I end up giving up and using my hands. 

I also wanted to get another Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer. 

At the moment Boots have a buy one get one half price offer on so It made sense to buy a couple of bits while I was there. 

I've not used concealer for years, but the last few times I've had my make up done they've used one on me so I decided I needed one. 

Stupidly I didn't realise the sponge was included in the offer so I got the cream blush as well.

I'm loving the look of the Rimmel Packaging these days, think it looks more expensive than it actually costs.

Maybe I should have done some research before I bought but I was swept up on a buying spree, but I haven't been disappointed with any recent rimmel purchases so I'm feeling confident. 

My next purchase I am very apprehensive about, this is possibly the most i've ever spent on a make up sponge (previously my dearest has been a body shop one) This one was £5.99 which isn't a huge amount but I have seen a couple of people say it soon got distorted. If that does happen I will be very disappointed but for a well known brand and I own a few Real Techniques brushes which I love I'm willing to take the risk.

My room

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I've seen a few people post shots of their beautiful bedrooms, always perfectly tidy and boy am I jealous. 

My room is very small, very very small and I have a LOT of stuff. Far too much stuff. 

I'm hopefully having some fitted wardrobes built at the end of the year and this means I need to have a massive clear out. 

It's not just clothes, I have craft crap as I like to call it, make up, shoes and handbags amongst other stuff. 

This afternoon I went through a load of Ikea storage boxes I've got and went through my craft crap and i've got rid of 4 bin bags of crap. 

Nothing worth selling or giving to charity! 

I haven't even made a dent into what needs looking through. 

How do I have so much stuff. 

I did keep taking photo's of a pile of clothes and It's not as bad as it looks as there is a suitcase and a huge cushion in the mix but I swear it was growing.

in fact I know it has grown as i've just taken up a load of clean washing.

As you can see from this small corner of my room I have way too much stuff. 

I'm hoping to go to the Sheffield clothes swap in a couple of weeks so I can take some clothes (and not bring as much back) 

How do I get my room in some kind of order? 

How can I let go? 

I know the thought of a new set of wardrobes is a massive incentive to get organised but I'm a hoarder and I really don't like letting go. 

Artful readers club

The Artful Readers Club #9

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Time for another instalment of The Artful Readers Club, This time I went back to Chick Lit and I'm so pleased I did. 

This book was a really good read. 

I have read most of Jenny Colgan's books and they all tend to be enjoyable and again with many books follow a tale of two people and flash back to the past. 

Now being honest I don't really like this style of writing and often don't read the flash back chapters. I often feel like I don't miss out on anything by doing it. However this book was different I really enjoyed the flashback chapters and wanted to know more about that side of things. 

The jist of it is Anna works in a UK mass manufacturing chocolate company in the UK and has an industrial accident, while she is in hospital her old French teacher who arranges for her to spend a summer in France working at a chocolate shop. 

The story follows Anna's struggle to fit in with the locals, speak french, make chocolate and when the shop owner falls ill she has to step in to run the shop, make the chocolate, sort out family fall outs and helps reunite old lovers. 

It might sound a bit soppy but it really is a lovely read. 

Next Month I'm planning to read a very different kind of book to what i've read before and I'm really hoping I will enjoy it.  

Once again no art but it's all in my head. It will make it to the page eventually!


#OMCZ 16 - Nightwear

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

The weeks are really flying past, It's almost October and dare I say the C word will be here before we know it.

I've seen a few people prepping Halloween Decorations, we have natural ones at my house. This Spider (I'm telling myself it's the same one) Has staged a web invasion! Inside and Out all round the gate and bins! I don't like to disturb him (or her) but she really needs to pop inside if she wants some flys as we seem to have been plagued by them since the weather has gone slightly mild again!

Sorry Slight digression there, We are here for the 16th #OMCZ challenge

It was the turn of Rebs to pick our next theme and once again I think it's a fab theme.

Date Due:  Wednesday, 25th September
Time Due prior to noon your time.
Challenge: Nightwear
Rebs Wrote:

I want to pick 'nightwear'! Let's see what you wear to bed, or flash us your naughty but nice undies, or show us what you'd wear for a good old fashioned sleepover. 

I for one am a commited PJ's girl. However I hate PJ tops from sets and usually end up wearing a random vest top or keep on the top I've worn that day. I'm not fussy.

PJ bottoms are a bit of an obsessive purchase, I buy a lot of them.

I did treat myself to a new pair at weekend so thought i'd share them with you for this challenge.  They are from ASDA £8, and they have Pockets!

I thought i'd wear them with a random tshirt, this one is from Peacoaks and while I don't sleep with a teddy, I do still have my first teddy so I thought he could get in on the act. 

He's called Barker in case you wondered.

My other teddy is a microwavable squirrel who comes in handy over weekend. 

Twisted Siren

Meet Nerissa

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

As you all know I love a good brooch and I have another new one. 

I got this one from Plus North and it's made by the lovely Alyssa from Twisted Siren 

I had been looking at some of the instagram photo's she'd posted before the event and spotted this beauty but I didn't know if it was a ring or a brooch. 

It was a brooch! So excited!

It appeals to my inner magpie with all the sparkle!

I've recently re-watched the Merchant of Venice and decided to name the brooch Nerissa in honour of it.  

I've had a few things from Twisted Siren before and it is always fab quality and so adorable. 


That one time at Plus North....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I hope your not getting bored of all my posts about Plus North as I'm not finished yet and I haven't even done my main post yet. Its coming don't worry! 

On the day I'd volunteered to be a model, I was very nervous as I had no idea what I'd be wearing until we got there, or what the plan was or what I really needed to do. 

I was modelling for Excite Clothing and I was eager to find out what they'd brought for us to wear. 

As i've mentioned before I didn't look in the mirror on the day so I have no idea what I looked like. I have done a couple of posts on what I wore which can be found Here & Here, but it's not the same as know what I looked like on the day. 

The very lovely Charlie posted a couple of pictures of me on her Plus North post and she has kindly allowed me to use them. 

Photo's by Charlie

Photo's by Charlie

Modelling was awesome, scary, amazing, terrifying and I'm still not over it! I think I was in the third or fourth set of models to go and when the first catwalk was done everyone was whooping and cheering and this was amazing, but had me worried that no one would whoop and cheer for me, what if I only got a few polite cheers. I don't know why I was worried the noise walking down the catwalk was deafening, when I first turned on to the catwalk it shocked me. It was juts a tunnel of noise! 

I had some amazing cheerleaders in the form of Rachel and Lisa. I know there was more of you as even though those two are loud they're not that loud! 

Thank you to everyone who whooped, cheered, clapped! I did say after I didn't want to do it again and I even ducked out of the end catwalk (I didn't actually here about this till it was taking place and went and hid outside!) 

If the opportunity comes up next year, I would say volunteer it was such a positive experience, as it always is at fat friendly events.  


#FCUK Sketch to Store

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Last week I was Invited by Pippa from Red Rose Mummy to an event at The French Connection Store in Manchester. 

I met Pippa and Jen before hand and we walked over to the store. I wasn't really sure what we were going to be doing, we'd been told we needed to style and outfit and could be in with a chance of winning a prize. 

While we waited for Lisa and Susan we grabbed a drink from the bar, I had some coconut and ginger beer "cocktail" two flavours I don't like. I don't know why I had it but it was an almost pleasant combination!

We had a wander round and I feel in love with this dress and it was only £40 sadly they only had it in size 12 but the manager informed me they do go up to a size 16.

They had some amazing things and a lot of things go to a size 18 but I don't think i'd have attempted to get in a lot of it.

They had a lot of amazing jumpers, sadly a lot of them including the above one have angora in them and it irritates me but if your not sensitive to it i'd check them out. 

The assistant manager called us together to give us an introduction. There were a number of these events going on around the country and the idea was for each party to style an outfit each and have a mini photo shoot done. the pictures would then be uploaded to FB and the general public will be voting for their favourite group. 

At this point I had a mini panic, I knew pretty much everything was out of my size range. I saw so many items I'd have loved to try on but I knew there was no point. 

We set off as a group with the mission to find outfits for each other, making suggestions and looking out for things that we thought would look good on each other. 

I've been on the hunt for the perfect Denim Shirt and this is it. the back is so pretty, yet the front is nice and simple.

It also looks really cool under a sweatshirt.

Pippa picked up a fab dress, I'd seen the same print of a few Items and wasn't struck on it on the hanger but now it's one of the favourite things, when you see it held up against someone away from the rack it really makes it look lovely.

They's displayed it under a jumper which looks really 90's to me and I like it. I can imagine Nora from Pump up the volume wearing it (on a date with Christen Slater swoooon) 

By this point i'd decided to try on the same jumper as above but in Navy, I knew no bottoms (which only seem to go up to a size 16s) would fit so decided to work with the Jeggins I had on, I needed accessories. 

This is my own piece of heaven, as a fat girl most of my early shopping years involved me going straight to shoes and handbags, no bad thing and I could happily have gone home with one of everything. 

With Susans help we decided on the grey hat, 

Over sized horse print bag (oh my days its beautiful)

Chains and bracelets completed by look.

Sadly as the changing rooms where very busy and I had to go to get my bus home before we got to try on. 

I was sad to go early but it meant I only had to get one bus home. 

to give you an idea of what they were doing I snapped a cheeky shot of Joanna from Minty Essence doing her modelling. 

I had such a good evening and it was lovely to catch up with some of the other local bloggers. 

Yankee Candles

My first Yankee Candle

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Evening Lovelies,

Sorry i've not blogged this week, some how it's got to Saturday night and I haven't opened the net book all week!

I have been out twice and had a couple of early nights. 

Today I went to ASDA, not exciting in itself but its a rare treat. The closest one to me is two bus rides away and is quite small, but my gran had bought be a dress that didn't fit (well that's what we've told her) and my mum tried to return it to a different ASDA but they declined as they didn't stock that range and said it had to go back to the original store. 

Sorry i'm digressing. I made the most of my trip and went up and down every aisle and spotted they had Yankee Candles in. I'm a bit of a scardy comes to candles and fire but I have a couple of tart burners which I love and I've fancied a candle for a while but could never justify the cost. 

In Asda the medium candles are £8 and the large £12.97, which I think it's pretty cheap (I could be wrong)


I always struggle to pick a flavour and spent a good 10 mins sniffing the lids as i've been told this is the best judge of the smell whilst it burns and decided I likes Sun on Snow best.

I lit is as soon as I got home and oh wow the smell, I don't like to be gushy but it smells so nice, I can't decide of what but it makes me feel happy. I've also lit a tart burner with a baby powder tart and they compliment each other so well. 

Are you a fan of them, why did it take me so long to buy one, what other flavours are good? 

Lifes big canvas

Life's Big Canvas

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

As someone who dislikes online shopping I've been doing a lot of it recently. I sometimes wish I computers were more tactile so I could feel fabrics and know if something will fit me for sure before I order it. 

I have been lucky really, you've seen my Pink Clove order and it all fits, one thing that I know I will always love is items from Life's Big Canvas. If I could afford it I would have pretty much one of everything Chloe sells. 

A little while ago Chloe sent out a money off coupon and although I knew i'd be seeing and buying stuff from her at Plus North I decided to take advantage and buy a few treats for me. 

I got:

1 x Special Edition Enamel Cats - Tiddles = £12.00
1 x Wooden Eiffel Tower ruler = £2.00
1 x Bohemian Collage Stationery set - 12 cards = £1.00
1 x Travel theme pens - Cat on phonebox = £0.50
1 x Travel theme pens - Eiffel tower = £0.50
1 x Silly 'hello' pens - yellow ball = £0.50
1 x Masking Sticker set (washi tape strips) - red/navy = £1.00

Tiddles has had a few outings and the pens and stickers are being used in my planner. 

I was quite restrained and I did have a lot more in my basket, I did get a few more things at Plus North which I need to take photo's of. 

What do you think of my Life's Big Canvas splurge? 

Lifes big canvas

#OOTD - Cat / Cow Combo!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I thought I'd share some photo's of the dress my mum bought for me a couple of weeks ago. 

It's what I call my hybrid Cow / Cheater print dress, I'm not 100% sure what it is and if any of you know please let me know. 

It was a whole £4! from Clothing at TescoI wore this to the Meal when we went out for Plus North I also wore it to work yesterday. 

It's been very chilly in work so I also wore a cream cardie also from Tesco which I received as part of a blog challenge last year. 

I seriously need to learn / remember to smile! 

I also wore my Tiddles Necklace which I got from Chloe at Life's Big Canvas it was £12. I also bought a few other Items which I will share soon and made use of a fab discount she sent out to celebrate August (I'm not sure why there was a discount sent out but it was very lovely of her) 

This necklace comes on an 18 inch chain but I moved mine on to a longer chain as I can't wear anything close to my neck. 

What do we think? Do we like the Cow / Cat Combo? 

Tea Pigs

I Love Tea

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

This won't be a shock to a lot of people but I love tea and I wanted to share my new favourite tea, Lemon and Ginger Tea Pigs.

I've been a fan of Tea Pigs for a while after discover their super berry tea in a cafe in Huddersfield. 

When I went out for Lunch with some other Bloggers in July we received a Lemon and Ginger tea bag in our goodie bags and being honest I put them away and forgot about them until I spotted someone on Twitter talking about them and decided to try them for myself. 

I am amazed, as a rule I hate ginger but these aren't overly gingery and are very lemony. 

Even the tea bag is pretty.

I've been on the look out to buy some more but my local stockist was out. If you haven't tried tea pigs before I would recommend this flavour and the berry. 

I'm always on the look out for new and interesting tea's so If you have a favourite let me know, now it's getting colder I'm drinking a lot of it!

Plus North

Plus North Weekend Part 1

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

The Plus North Event itself might have only been one day but I had a whole weekend with some lovely plus sized lovelies. 

The weekend started on Friday when I met Becky in Manchester City centre and we headed down to the hotel. I walked in saw Chloe's cases (She'd Instagrammed them so I knew they were her's) Beka and her other half were also there. We couldn't check in until 3pm so we took over the lobby and chatted like old friends.

The plan was to meet in Slug and Lettuce for drinks before the meal, we were running a bit late so It was a quick hug, wave hello before around 28 of us headed across to Red Hot Buffet World for some tea. You really can't make it up fat people at a buffet, it was really good. When we all piled through the door the girl got on her walkie talkie before saying hello! 

We all then went to the bar to wait for some other people. Where ever we went we turned heads, people whispers to their friends and I'm sure I saw someone point, but you know what it really didn't matter. We were a large group of large people out for a night out. I know it might have got to some people but for the most part I think a lot of us found it funny, and I for one found it reassuring I was around friends even if I had only just met most of them. 

I'd heard mixed things about red hot buffet but I quite enjoyed it and I would go back. I did take some photo's sadly my point and shoot camera decided to eat the memory card so i've lost those photo's :(

I think a lot of people went out for a few more drinks but I knew Saturday would be a long day so I headed back to the hotel, I did end up in Beth and Lizzies room until about 2.30 AM with Becky, Megan and Sian. I'd picked up a photo booth kit from Tesco on my way to Manchester and we had a few instagram photo's

I have at least one more post to write and I just want to end this one by saying I've met some fantastic people this weekend and I hope to meet up with everyone again at some point soon x


#OMCZ 15 - Oversized

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Good Morning, 

I hope everyone is doing ok, September is a busy month for me and I'm scheduling this super early (2nd Sept) So by the time you read this loads will have happened. Posts may have already been done and there will be more to come I'm sure. 

It's Nikki's turn to choose our next theme: 
Date Due:  Wednesday, 11th September 
Time Due prior to noon your time.   
Challenge: Oversized
Nikki Wrote:

I decided to go with Oversized as sometimes I like to try an oversized top or dress rather than something more form fitting and I think that with the right accessories etc it can look good. If people dont have oversized clothing then use oversized accessories instead!

Hope that is ok

Nikki x

This challenge came at a good time for me as I had just bought an oversized jumper from Primark at the end of August. I think I'd predicted the change in weather. 

I've worn the jumper a couple of times with Jeans but when I went out the other day i felt the need for leggins, Nice and simple. 

I want to say the jumper was £6 in primark but it might have been £10 defo no more! they had a few colours as well. If it was only £6 i'll be getting another one!

Pink Clove

I've been buying new clothes!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I've been seeing a lot of people on Twitter reviewing a new clothing Plus Size company called Pink Clove. 

Being nosey I decided to have a nosey and I feel in love with about 90% of the items (a few snake skin print things that are not for me) 

I decided I had to order things and take advantage of the 10% discount code I got sent for registering on the website. 

There is also free delivery over £45! When I came to place my order the free delivery didn't come off even before the discount code, I'm not sure what was going on as I know it worked for other people. 

I did order a dress for Beth to get the free delivery - sneaky! 

Being honest, i've never been a massive fan or Tartan. I think flash backs of wearing an itchy kilt as a child was haunting me (I don't know if this is real or i dreamt it but i'll use it as my excuse!) 

My mum also isn't a fan and although I do wear things my mum doesn't like, there is nothing more off putting than disapproving looks but she actually loves it!!! 

I love the skirt and I will be googling other reviews to see how people wear it, I wore it for work on Friday with a basix black top and navy tights (I don't seem to own black tights!) 

Silvery grey fine knit. This is the one i'm least sure about but I think with leggins rather than rights it will be good for holiday (I am keeping it)

Save the best for last! I love love love this dress, its really quite thick, my only down side is the belt while is fastened I can't breathe! No sitting down for me! 

I think I will be wearing this loads in the next few weeks! 

Have you bought anything from Pink Clove.