A Little More Organisation...

Monday, September 02, 2013

Evening all,

I hope you are all singing a little less conversation now! If not then it confirms I am just a little bit weird and I like it!

I've talked about my blog diary before and I've been using a page per day spotty diary from Tesco for the first half of the year but bless it it's held together by a lot of washi tape and looking pretty ratty. I've been scouring the internet for the perfect replacement and while I don't claim to be there i'm on my way to getting what I need from an Organiser. 

I keep coming back to the filofax or equivalent. I decided to get one from Paperchase, their personal sized one has the same format as a filofax and many other makes so you can use other companies refills. 

I had my eye on an A5 sized one but when I saw this one at the airport decided I really liked it enough to buy it. 

It has a few bank card sized slots and a pocket. So blog cards and Plus North Tickets are all in place.

I got some zip pockets and have taken out a few pages and a few bits and bobs but I have ordered a few other bits from Amazon.

Although there is only 4 months of the year left I decided to get a year planner and it went through at 1p so it was a bargain!

I've moved the month planner page to the beginning if the month but I have ordered a month to two pages which i'll have in the front of each month. 

What  I have also done is put my to do / Plus North list in at the week we are up to rather than having to go to the back and then I can move it / throw it away when it's done with

Finally down to the pages, it's a a week to two pages which really isn't enough space for me but with the aid of extra pages and post it notes I can make it work! 

Admittedly my over use of washi tape doesn't help with space but it makes it looks pretty. 

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  1. Yay for organisation. I've planned out all my fashion challenges up until the end of December, except Flash the Flesh, as I have no idea when they're going to be. x

  2. I'm the same have everything planned out as far as i can, Flash The Flesh has gone very quiet hasn't it x

  3. It's probably just as well. I'm doing 5 fashion challenges now. Eep! x

  4. 5 wow! errr I might do the same i also have my book art challenge thing as well! I like to be organised blog wise xxx


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