I've been buying new clothes!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I've been seeing a lot of people on Twitter reviewing a new clothing Plus Size company called Pink Clove. 

Being nosey I decided to have a nosey and I feel in love with about 90% of the items (a few snake skin print things that are not for me) 

I decided I had to order things and take advantage of the 10% discount code I got sent for registering on the website. 

There is also free delivery over £45! When I came to place my order the free delivery didn't come off even before the discount code, I'm not sure what was going on as I know it worked for other people. 

I did order a dress for Beth to get the free delivery - sneaky! 

Being honest, i've never been a massive fan or Tartan. I think flash backs of wearing an itchy kilt as a child was haunting me (I don't know if this is real or i dreamt it but i'll use it as my excuse!) 

My mum also isn't a fan and although I do wear things my mum doesn't like, there is nothing more off putting than disapproving looks but she actually loves it!!! 

I love the skirt and I will be googling other reviews to see how people wear it, I wore it for work on Friday with a basix black top and navy tights (I don't seem to own black tights!) 

Silvery grey fine knit. This is the one i'm least sure about but I think with leggins rather than rights it will be good for holiday (I am keeping it)

Save the best for last! I love love love this dress, its really quite thick, my only down side is the belt while is fastened I can't breathe! No sitting down for me! 

I think I will be wearing this loads in the next few weeks! 

Have you bought anything from Pink Clove. 

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  1. I love the skirt :)

  2. I love and WAAAAAAAAAAAANT that tartan dress so much. They all look great on you. I think I might get that dress next month. x x x

  3. I haven't bought anything from Pink Clove yet but I really do love a lot of their range so it'll be tough to choose when the time comes to actually order!! Love the tartan dress too xx

  4. The tartan dress looks amazing on you!!! x

  5. I love that tartan dress on you!! Looks fantastic! xx

  6. Thank you, I was really unsure after i'd ordered it but I'm so glad I took the plunge x

  7. Thanks Nat, I hope your feeling a lot better now xx

  8. Thanks Gail, have you got internet back? I love 90% of the pink clove stuff it was tough to stop at just 3 items x

  9. ORDER IT! ORDER IT, ORDER IT!!! No pressure like!!!

  10. That dress is fabulous! Plus North totally inspired me to look for a skater dress, I need to find one soon.

  11. have a look on excite, there is also a discount code in the PN goodie bag.I do love this one from Pink Clove as well. I find a lot of skater skirts / dresses are too short but this one is a much better length and the excite one is slightly longer x


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