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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

As someone who dislikes online shopping I've been doing a lot of it recently. I sometimes wish I computers were more tactile so I could feel fabrics and know if something will fit me for sure before I order it. 

I have been lucky really, you've seen my Pink Clove order and it all fits, one thing that I know I will always love is items from Life's Big Canvas. If I could afford it I would have pretty much one of everything Chloe sells. 

A little while ago Chloe sent out a money off coupon and although I knew i'd be seeing and buying stuff from her at Plus North I decided to take advantage and buy a few treats for me. 

I got:

1 x Special Edition Enamel Cats - Tiddles = £12.00
1 x Wooden Eiffel Tower ruler = £2.00
1 x Bohemian Collage Stationery set - 12 cards = £1.00
1 x Travel theme pens - Cat on phonebox = £0.50
1 x Travel theme pens - Eiffel tower = £0.50
1 x Silly 'hello' pens - yellow ball = £0.50
1 x Masking Sticker set (washi tape strips) - red/navy = £1.00

Tiddles has had a few outings and the pens and stickers are being used in my planner. 

I was quite restrained and I did have a lot more in my basket, I did get a few more things at Plus North which I need to take photo's of. 

What do you think of my Life's Big Canvas splurge? 

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