My first Yankee Candle

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Evening Lovelies,

Sorry i've not blogged this week, some how it's got to Saturday night and I haven't opened the net book all week!

I have been out twice and had a couple of early nights. 

Today I went to ASDA, not exciting in itself but its a rare treat. The closest one to me is two bus rides away and is quite small, but my gran had bought be a dress that didn't fit (well that's what we've told her) and my mum tried to return it to a different ASDA but they declined as they didn't stock that range and said it had to go back to the original store. 

Sorry i'm digressing. I made the most of my trip and went up and down every aisle and spotted they had Yankee Candles in. I'm a bit of a scardy comes to candles and fire but I have a couple of tart burners which I love and I've fancied a candle for a while but could never justify the cost. 

In Asda the medium candles are £8 and the large £12.97, which I think it's pretty cheap (I could be wrong)


I always struggle to pick a flavour and spent a good 10 mins sniffing the lids as i've been told this is the best judge of the smell whilst it burns and decided I likes Sun on Snow best.

I lit is as soon as I got home and oh wow the smell, I don't like to be gushy but it smells so nice, I can't decide of what but it makes me feel happy. I've also lit a tart burner with a baby powder tart and they compliment each other so well. 

Are you a fan of them, why did it take me so long to buy one, what other flavours are good? 

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  1. I never knew they sold them ASDA but then again when you live near Boundary Mill you can get a more affordable fix! I love the sparkling cinnamon, it just smells like autumn and Christmas :) x

  2. I like them too. Which one did you get?

  3. I love Yankee Candles and I don't think that's a bad price at all! I'll keep my eye out for one myself next time I get to an ASDA. I love all the Christmassy smells; cinnamon, gingerbread, I think there's one called 'cupcakes' (could be cookies) that's lovely. I tend to stay away from the floral ones, I don't know why! xx


  4. I'm not made keen on the spice ones, I seem to like the open air ones, clean sheets, sunlight on stuff etc.

    I have got a few of the candy related tarts for by burners but I get bored of them really easily x

  5. Asda and tesco both have them they are £9/14 in tesco which it's worth the extra £1 for me as ASDA is two bus rides way for me x


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