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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I've seen a few people post shots of their beautiful bedrooms, always perfectly tidy and boy am I jealous. 

My room is very small, very very small and I have a LOT of stuff. Far too much stuff. 

I'm hopefully having some fitted wardrobes built at the end of the year and this means I need to have a massive clear out. 

It's not just clothes, I have craft crap as I like to call it, make up, shoes and handbags amongst other stuff. 

This afternoon I went through a load of Ikea storage boxes I've got and went through my craft crap and i've got rid of 4 bin bags of crap. 

Nothing worth selling or giving to charity! 

I haven't even made a dent into what needs looking through. 

How do I have so much stuff. 

I did keep taking photo's of a pile of clothes and It's not as bad as it looks as there is a suitcase and a huge cushion in the mix but I swear it was growing.

in fact I know it has grown as i've just taken up a load of clean washing.

As you can see from this small corner of my room I have way too much stuff. 

I'm hoping to go to the Sheffield clothes swap in a couple of weeks so I can take some clothes (and not bring as much back) 

How do I get my room in some kind of order? 

How can I let go? 

I know the thought of a new set of wardrobes is a massive incentive to get organised but I'm a hoarder and I really don't like letting go. 

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  1. My room's a mess too! Mostly full of clothes, makeup and crafty stuff.

  2. I have far too many clothes as well, need to sell some!

  3. It kinda scares me how many dresses i've got. I don't like parting with things tho x


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