#OMCZ 15 - Oversized

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Good Morning, 

I hope everyone is doing ok, September is a busy month for me and I'm scheduling this super early (2nd Sept) So by the time you read this loads will have happened. Posts may have already been done and there will be more to come I'm sure. 

It's Nikki's turn to choose our next theme: 
Date Due:  Wednesday, 11th September 
Time Due prior to noon your time.   
Challenge: Oversized
Nikki Wrote:

I decided to go with Oversized as sometimes I like to try an oversized top or dress rather than something more form fitting and I think that with the right accessories etc it can look good. If people dont have oversized clothing then use oversized accessories instead!

Hope that is ok

Nikki x

This challenge came at a good time for me as I had just bought an oversized jumper from Primark at the end of August. I think I'd predicted the change in weather. 

I've worn the jumper a couple of times with Jeans but when I went out the other day i felt the need for leggins, Nice and simple. 

I want to say the jumper was £6 in primark but it might have been £10 defo no more! they had a few colours as well. If it was only £6 i'll be getting another one!

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  1. Mariett Teixeira Matias11 September 2013 at 11:16

    Looking good hun!! ;)*

  2. love the jumper!!! so sad I dont have a primark near :/

  3. Looking good Steph! I really like it. x x

  4. I love that top- I think I will have to have a mooch in Primark to find one! xx

  5. I love the jumper. Sometimes its so effortless and I love when I can wear things like this to work. Might have to pop in there on pay day! Oversized jumper and leggings... I did the same! :)

  6. I really didn't think this would look any good, but I actually like how I look in this outfit! small steps and all that x

  7. Thanks Nikki, They had a few other colours. I spotted it on a rail of things they were putting out but I noticed the others as I was in the queue. Good job really or I might have bought one of every colour x

  8. Thank you. I didn't really think the oversized look was for me but I really like this outfit x

  9. Thank you, such a shame you don;t have one, I try not to go in too often as I always buy loads x

  10. It totally suits you! You look amazing. x x

  11. That jumper is fab. I really need a Primark trip but I only ever go to Bolton or Manchester. Bolton is rubbish as it's just too small and Manchester makes me lose the will to live! I need a trip to Bury!

  12. The Bury Primark is fab, I do enjoy the odd trip to Bury. I got this in my local store which isn't a massive one but a pretty decent size x


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