Plus North The Packing

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Evening all, 

Just one more sleep before my Plus North weekend starts, I've been making list all week but not really getting much further. 

I had planned to take a cabin sized bag but a couple of days ago I changed my mind and thought i'll take one of our hold sized bags, they are not much bigger but you can get so much more in!

Well tonight my plans were scuppered! I went to get one and discovered my mum has already started packing for her holiday! 

I took the above case to Berlin for 4 days and had plenty of room! 2 nights in Manchester no chance. At this point there are no shoes in this bag or clothes for Sunday! 

I've moved everything over into another cabin sized bad and bar shoes and Sunday clothes everything fits! most of my makeup is now in the zip part of the lid but it's in! 

I have also realised that i have no plain black tights, i have no idea where they all are so a cheeky trip to primark will have to be made tomorrow!

I've also got my mum's old camera on charge as my camera that's in the case eats batteries and my point and shot eats memory cards! 

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