Plus North prep #1 Make up

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Evening All,

In case you hadn't already guessed we are in the midst of Plus North Fever. 

If you don't know what Plus North is where have you been, as I write this there are 5 tickets left! 

We have been going on about this event for months and months, I have 2 more days to work, 3 more get ups until I check into my hotel and 4 more sleeps to the event itself. 

I have 2 lists one of general stuff and another more specific list and I am gradually organising myself. 

I have never been able to pack might and I thought i'd share with you what i've got sorted so far. 

Make up

I think because the event is close to home I feel like I can take more although this bag weighs a tonne and I've not put shampoo or anything in yet!

From Left to Right

Ear Plugs - Just in case my roomie needs them 
Shower Gel / Moisturiser
Nail Varnish remover pads / nail polish
Plasters / body cream
Nail File
Hair Products
Face powder
false lashes
Eye liner / primer / Naked pallet 
5 lipsticks
eyebrow kit
Toothbrush / Makeup brushes!

Are you restrained in your packing? 

Are you all sorted for Weekend? 

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  1. I should probably provide earplugs for my roomie, but she's known me 10 years so I feel as though I don't need too. I may have to have a play with your Naked palette, I keep getting tempted by them but the UD counter scares me, and I don't feel comfortable playing in front of the MUAs x

  2. haha if she gets desperate she can have a couple of pairs from me!

    Makeup counters scare me a lot, i got my palette on the plane last year and your more than welcome to have a play with it.


  3. I used to pack lots too but I'm getting more and more into packing light. I may go back the other way soon though :)

  4. Love that you have packed ear plugs!

  5. I know I do snore some times so wouldn't want my roomie not be be able to sleep! i'm so looking forward to this weekend!!! x

  6. over packing is defo my prefered method!!


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