Plus North Weekend Part 1

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

The Plus North Event itself might have only been one day but I had a whole weekend with some lovely plus sized lovelies. 

The weekend started on Friday when I met Becky in Manchester City centre and we headed down to the hotel. I walked in saw Chloe's cases (She'd Instagrammed them so I knew they were her's) Beka and her other half were also there. We couldn't check in until 3pm so we took over the lobby and chatted like old friends.

The plan was to meet in Slug and Lettuce for drinks before the meal, we were running a bit late so It was a quick hug, wave hello before around 28 of us headed across to Red Hot Buffet World for some tea. You really can't make it up fat people at a buffet, it was really good. When we all piled through the door the girl got on her walkie talkie before saying hello! 

We all then went to the bar to wait for some other people. Where ever we went we turned heads, people whispers to their friends and I'm sure I saw someone point, but you know what it really didn't matter. We were a large group of large people out for a night out. I know it might have got to some people but for the most part I think a lot of us found it funny, and I for one found it reassuring I was around friends even if I had only just met most of them. 

I'd heard mixed things about red hot buffet but I quite enjoyed it and I would go back. I did take some photo's sadly my point and shoot camera decided to eat the memory card so i've lost those photo's :(

I think a lot of people went out for a few more drinks but I knew Saturday would be a long day so I headed back to the hotel, I did end up in Beth and Lizzies room until about 2.30 AM with Becky, Megan and Sian. I'd picked up a photo booth kit from Tesco on my way to Manchester and we had a few instagram photo's

I have at least one more post to write and I just want to end this one by saying I've met some fantastic people this weekend and I hope to meet up with everyone again at some point soon x

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  1. Hilarious about the woman getting on the walkie talkie. I can imagine a scene - 'Sup, chef? We're gonna need a rush order, 30 fatties just came in.' HAHAHAHAHA. I would've loved to have been there, staring out rude f*ckers is my speciality.

    Once in a buffet restaurant in town I was eating (one small plate, but remember fat people are not supposed to eat - ever! ha) and an old couple across the aisle stared at me continuously the whole time like I had 4 heads. I stared back and told my friend Vonny who I was with (who's over 60 herself) so she moved her chair around to face them (she was about 2 feet away from them) and stared at them pointedly for about 30 seconds. When the starers last looked at me, I had a 'How d'ya like it now?!' grin on my face. They didn't look at me again. BOOM! When people stare, they expect shamed looks. Never do that, face up to them and they shrink away like the pathetic gits they are. x x x

  2. That is amazing, can you imagine it 30 fats all SAT DOWN eating as well!!! was pretty funny. I think if there had only been a few of us it would have been a bit intimidating but 30 of us we could conquer the world! I think people were wondering how 30 fat people knew each other, were we family friends? oh what!

  3. I bloody hate starers. Sounds like a great weekend! x

  4. Hahahaha! SAT DOWN! They must've thought all kinds of things. I would have loved to be there and give out a few haughty 'Yes, we 're fabulous!' looks as I fatly walked past. Fatly needs to be an adjective, I think.

  5. I love the photo booth kit! I neeeeed one. Sounds like a really fun evening, I'm looking forward to a trip to Red Hot soon.

  6. Glad you mentioned the photo booth kit, i'm going to take it to my friends tomorrow. I'm so glad i got one, it was lots of fun and only £3 x


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