That one time at Plus North....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I hope your not getting bored of all my posts about Plus North as I'm not finished yet and I haven't even done my main post yet. Its coming don't worry! 

On the day I'd volunteered to be a model, I was very nervous as I had no idea what I'd be wearing until we got there, or what the plan was or what I really needed to do. 

I was modelling for Excite Clothing and I was eager to find out what they'd brought for us to wear. 

As i've mentioned before I didn't look in the mirror on the day so I have no idea what I looked like. I have done a couple of posts on what I wore which can be found Here & Here, but it's not the same as know what I looked like on the day. 

The very lovely Charlie posted a couple of pictures of me on her Plus North post and she has kindly allowed me to use them. 

Photo's by Charlie

Photo's by Charlie

Modelling was awesome, scary, amazing, terrifying and I'm still not over it! I think I was in the third or fourth set of models to go and when the first catwalk was done everyone was whooping and cheering and this was amazing, but had me worried that no one would whoop and cheer for me, what if I only got a few polite cheers. I don't know why I was worried the noise walking down the catwalk was deafening, when I first turned on to the catwalk it shocked me. It was juts a tunnel of noise! 

I had some amazing cheerleaders in the form of Rachel and Lisa. I know there was more of you as even though those two are loud they're not that loud! 

Thank you to everyone who whooped, cheered, clapped! I did say after I didn't want to do it again and I even ducked out of the end catwalk (I didn't actually here about this till it was taking place and went and hid outside!) 

If the opportunity comes up next year, I would say volunteer it was such a positive experience, as it always is at fat friendly events.  

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  1. Yay thank you! It was all such a blur, I just remember those two screaming top volume! it was such a fab experience x


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