Travelling Outfit

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Slowly but surely we will relive my holiday in the few outfit photo's I took. 

Starting at the beginning, Manchester Airport Arrivals Loo's.

Arrivals?! yes we were tres early thanks to us being eager to leave so we went to the Arrivals for a brew. 

My Holiday was lacking in full length mirrors! 

For me I have to be comfy to travel. I had planned to wear my flat forms to travel sadly as I was taking my case out of my house I went over on my ankle, did a spectacular dive out of the porch straight into the Ivy! Converse were the safer option! 

I wore my new Excite Clothing Pants, White T-shirt and cardie both from my recent Tesco bargain buys.

I also wore my Circus Badge which I picked up from Chloe and her Life's Big Canvas stall at Plus North. 

So goodbye grey Manchester and get me to the sunshine!

OK so I'm back already but a girl can dream!

What do you wear to travel? 


Holiday Part 1

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow my facebook page you will have seen most of these photo's before. I decided I'd make a collage of some of my scenic pictures. 

I'm loving how this has turned out.

I had such a nice break it was lovely to see the sunshine and chill out for the week 

Just another blogging Challenge

Just another blogging Challenge....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago Toni sent a shout out to see if anyone wanted to take part in a blog challenge. 

I love my challenges so my hand was up in the air straight away! 

I'm a bit late with my first challenge and it's a bit of a cheat but I'm going to run with it anyway. 

The first theme is Transitional 

What Items are you still wearing from Spring / Summer in Autumn? 

My cheat comes in as I wore the outfit whilst on holiday so it was still in the high 20s / low 30s! 

But looking back at the photo's I want to wear this skirt with thick tights, a long sleeve top and chunky boots. 

the skirt is a Monsoon skirt I got at TK Maxx a few months ago and the top is from Encquentro 

What Items are you still wearing this Autumn? 


#OMCZ 18

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I'm running behind with a few posts / challenges and I really need to do a mass catch up at some point.

It was Verena's turn to pick the theme and she went for Nightclub

Imagine you're going clubbing with your friends, a girls night out whatever. My problem with nightclubs is, I always feel like I'm dressed wrong. I can do the whole programme and get really dolled up but in the end I always feel that everybody around me is dressed a lot cooler, hipper, stylish....
So I would loved to see how all the other lovely ladies interpret the look "nightclub"

It's actually been a while since I last went to a nightclub I've been trying to think when it was and I really can't place it. 

In all fairness I've hardly been out at all this year, if we do go out it tends to be for a meal and then to a few local pubs. The pubs in my village don't close till 1/2am so there is often no need to go in to town to find a club. 

The dress i'm going to share is the one I bought for the Plus North after party, I also wore it to my friends wedding and out on holiday. I love this dress, it's really light, only has one layer so no faffing about with layers after a loo visit, it's a high neck but cos of the lace it doesn't feel frumpy

When I do go out at home, this is similar to what I would wear. I usually wear dresses and ballet pumps or sandals x


Tesco bargains

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I've not done very well and not buying things have I. 

I got 2 things from the Tesco sale, I'm justifying them as holiday purchases and I'm planning on travelling in them but white might not be a good idea!

The Cardie was a bargain! Light enough for holiday but still has a bit of a cosy element and pockets!

This is a basic Tshirt but i'm always on the look out for new ones. I'm a spiller. White Tshirts rarely get more than one or two wears with me so I really don't like spending much on them.

This one was £4. I like that it has a longer back and think with my Excite Trousers and the above Cardie it will be cute for travelling in.

Have you had any bargains from Tescos? I do love their clothes! 

Excite Clothing

Excite clothing - pants

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I'm trying to get some posts scheduled for while I'm away so as I type I'm not sure if you will have seen these trousers or not as I'm hoping to do a Holiday Packing post before I got. 

However I wanted to show you one of the things I got when I made my Excite Order a couple of weeks ago.

I got these trousers and two of the dresses I modelled at Plus North.  

I used my Discount Code so these worked out at £10.39 which is ridiculously cheap. 

They are really soft jersey and I think they will be what I'm travelling in.  

I ordered 22/24 and they feel just right. Not to tight but they won't fall down either. 


Footner - Photo's of my feet you have been warned!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

A while ago at the FABB Manchester Event, we got Footner exfoliating socks in our goodie bags and I've been thinking about using them for a while. 

I spoke to a few other bloggers who had used them and they said their feel "peeled" for around 2 weeks after they'd used them. 

With around three weeks until my holiday I decided to take the plunge.

****Warning some unsightly feet pictures coming up****

I forgot to take a picture before I used them as I decided to soak my feet in hot water first, they say this isn't needed but if your feet are bad it can help.

20/09/2013 - after using the "sock"
21/09/2013 Day 1 AM (right foot)

after a couple of days my feet began to peel so I decided to soak my feet. An amazing amount of dead skin came away and after that nothing.

The skin on my feet does look much better than in the above photo's but not really much better. I've been holding off moisturising them as it says in the instructions but now two weeks later I really am going to have do something. 

Despite them not having a mega result on my iccky feet, I would use them again. My feet are no longer painful and the new skin in the less cracked parts of my feet feel so much better. 

I've even been googling them to see where I can buy them from which can't be bad can it? 

If your feet are of a medium icckiness i'd say go for it. 

Dream catcher

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I wonder if Tupac was on to something. 

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.Tupac Shakur
For as long as I can remember I had bad dreams, dreams that are so real you wake up shaking and struggling to work out what was real and what was a dream, admittedly some times there would be a weird element. Something that wouldn't add up but on the whole far to real for my liking. 

When I was about 13 me and my friends all went mad in shops like Internacionale when it was all about the homeware and little local shops. The one near me was called Dasies and we all went mad for oil burners, storage boxes, Bubblegum greetings cards we used to send each other.

One thing I went mad for was Dreamcatchers I had two the same one at each end of my bed as I often sleep the wrong way up. 

I have recently thrown one of them away and realised the other one (the bright one at the back of the photo) is getting ratty and as I am hopefully having my room decorated shortly it needs to go.

I've been browsing the internet to buy a new one but I can't find one I like. 

I did see a few posts on pinterest about how to make your own, so I decided to have a go and for a first attempt I'm quite impressed with myself. 

I'm not sure it's going to catch many bad dreams due to it lopsidedness but I think I will be having another go once I know my new colour scheme and I need to find my stash of beads as I know now exactly how I want the next one to look.  

What do you think of my first attempt? Have you ever made anything from Pinterest? 

Bon Voyage

**** Closed for Holiday ****

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Ok not exactly closed as I will have some scheduled posts to share with you while I'm away. 

I don't know what internet access I will have. I'm a bit wary about using my phone as I had a fairly big (for me, not a normal person) phone bill when I came home from Berlin.

So where am I off? I am going to Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura. 

Me and my Mama for a week, leaving Papa G and Miss KK (The Cat) home alone. 

I honestly can't imagine being warm let alone being HOT!

I've been to this resort before but we stayed in an apartment a little way (5 mins) out of the centre. 
This time we are staying right at the far end (see where the 3 jetty type things stick out into the bay) 

In an all inclusive hotel! whit woo! Admittedly we are only going AI as it was £150 cheaper than half board, my mum and gran stayed at this hotel earlier in the year and they were both very impressed with the food so we shall give it ago. 

There has been a lot of renovation going on at the hotel, they have been demolishing blocks of accommodation and there have been mixed reports on trip advisor but I'm loving the look of the new rooms. I'm under no illusion that I will get one of the new rooms as by all accounts these are being offered for an upgrade premium and to those who complain if they are next to a building site! 

I'm just looking forward to a week in the sun, I hope that my ear infection has gone by the time I go. 

As this post is published I should be in a taxi on the way to the airport! 

I'll see you all in a week and will reply to any comments as and when I get some WeFe! (yes WeFe) 

Love you all xxx


Fatshionologie - Lazy Sunday

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

Time for another Fatshionologie post, I missed last months and I was going to try and catch up but I just haven't had time. 

This months theme is Lazy Sunday. I don't really have Lazy Sundays, I'm usually out shopping so I thought i'd share with you an outfit I wore on one of our warmer sundays a couple of weeks ago. 

I wore a top I got last November form Dotty P's and my trusty skinny jeans from the clothes swap. 

craft market

Hilton Arcade Craft Market - Cute Purchases

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Evening Lovelies, 

Hope everyone is warm and cosy tonight! It's gone so cold, we've even got our heating on!

I want to share with you something local to me, the second Saturday of each month there is a craft market in my local town centre. This is only the second one I've been to but I will be watching out next month. (and saving some money to spend)

At the first market I got a lovely brooch and was chatting to the seller who said she had a facebook page, I searched in vein for it and couldn't find it. 

As soon as I found out it was on again today I was hoping she would be there and she was! 

I got this fab White Rabbit brooch and it was only £3! 

I mentioned that i'd bought form her before and I'd tried to find her on FB, straight away she said, i'd got a brooch which was impressive! 

She gave me her card this time and I have liked her page. 

Books and Beyond Crafts

Also how cute are her business cards? 

There were quite a few different stalls and I wish I had the money to buy more. 

The 2nd to last stall had lots of items and I think was two different sellers, one was called Nice Ice Designs but I can old find an old FB page for them and I was trying to ask what the guys shop was called to credit him but I didn't manage it. 

I got this fab (he called it a reindeer but i'm calling it a deer) melted bead necklace and this barrel necklace for £1 each! WOW! 

Did you ever have a go with those beads as a kid? I did once when I was in America at some crappy kids club I was far too old for but still went to! 

What do you think?

Dorothy Perkins

Dotty Ps Bargains

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I'm stocking up on basic tshirts, some of my old ones are looking a bit tatty. 

I bought three identical ones from Dorothy Perkins last week for £3 each. 

These always come in handy for layering under things and while three might be excessive I needed them! (Honest!)

ASOS Curve

Cheeky ASOS Order

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I'm going on holiday next week and I can't imagine being warm let alone hot! I have a lot of clothes to take not that I've sorted any of them out to take but I couldn't help making an ASOS order. I've only ordered from them once before and I was quite impressed but the current sale was too good to miss. 

I've spent £42.50 and ordered 7 things so that's pretty good going. I just hope it all fits and looks ok. 

I've ordered 2 vest tops.

A belt 

A bikini - I own loads but couldn't resist another one

Peg leg trousers

Vest top

I've plumped for the free delivery, last time it came the next day and the ETA for this one is the day before I go away! I hope it arrives soon!!!!

Have you got any bargains in the sale? 


#OMCZ 17

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Date Due:  Wednesday, 9th October
Time Due prior to noon your time. 
Challenge: Free Week 

I had plans and a fab idea for my free week sadly I've been poorly and at the moment clothes themselves are out of my comfort zone. 

So i've decided to show you my comfort zone. 

Sofa, Blankie and netbook 


Stefi Got a Brand New Bag...

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I am trying my hardest to be good and not buy anything new but It's oh so hard not buy pretty things.

I have bought a few bits and bobs & I'd love to use my holiday as an excuse but nothing i've bought is for my holiday!

I bought this fairly small (for me) bag at weekend.

It's a nice size for me to take on a night out, big enough to get the massive camera in and all my other essentials! 

It also has a zip fastener which is a must for me

It was £8 which is pretty cheap for the size of bag and Primark have gone all classy and put a metal tag on the outsize which is very cute sadly it will mean everyone will know where you shop! (I'm quite happy to shout my bargain from the rooftops but I know others who wouldn't be)

What do we think?

Magnificent 7th

Magnificent 7th - Polka Dot

Monday, October 07, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

The aim of the challenge is to shop our wardrobes, and dig deep into the depths of them to create outfits for each theme

This months theme is Polka Dots, I had quite a lot of choice in my wardrobe for this challenge but decided to go with a dress I got from one of the clothes swaps in Leeds a little while ago.

I felt like it was quite apt as Beth  brought the dress to the swap and as she organises this challenge I thought i'd give it a wear.

The dress is originally from Tesco and I believe she got it at another clothes swap but I could be wrong. 

 I wore this to go shopping yesterday and it was a fairly warm day and I braved it with out a cardie but I did pop my leggins on when we went out.

I also wore my new brooch which I got from Vintage 55 a charity shop for Age Concern which is a treasure trove.