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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

I'm running behind with a few posts / challenges and I really need to do a mass catch up at some point.

It was Verena's turn to pick the theme and she went for Nightclub

Imagine you're going clubbing with your friends, a girls night out whatever. My problem with nightclubs is, I always feel like I'm dressed wrong. I can do the whole programme and get really dolled up but in the end I always feel that everybody around me is dressed a lot cooler, hipper, stylish....
So I would loved to see how all the other lovely ladies interpret the look "nightclub"

It's actually been a while since I last went to a nightclub I've been trying to think when it was and I really can't place it. 

In all fairness I've hardly been out at all this year, if we do go out it tends to be for a meal and then to a few local pubs. The pubs in my village don't close till 1/2am so there is often no need to go in to town to find a club. 

The dress i'm going to share is the one I bought for the Plus North after party, I also wore it to my friends wedding and out on holiday. I love this dress, it's really light, only has one layer so no faffing about with layers after a loo visit, it's a high neck but cos of the lace it doesn't feel frumpy

When I do go out at home, this is similar to what I would wear. I usually wear dresses and ballet pumps or sandals x

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  1. Lovely dress; I love dresses like this that are so versatile, I'd totally be wearing that even now with leggings,boots and a big cardi! xx

  2. Mellissa Williams27 October 2013 at 22:04

    It's good to have a dress that is light and easy to wear in a nightclub as it does get hot in there!

  3. Lovely dress Steph! Hope you had a lovely holiday. x x

  4. What a lovely dress. I know what you mean, sometimes I can get all dolled up and just feel blah, a lot to do with my self confidence I think.

  5. My main issue when I go out is that i'm partly deaf and get hot really quickly so I need to feel comfortable, i don't mind if people stare or look at me it's more about feeling cool (temp wise for me)

  6. Thank you Lovely. I had a fab holiday xx

  7. They do and I'm getting on a bit now and get too hot at the best of times hehe x

  8. Thanks, it feels a bit dressy with the lace for day wear but if I do go out it will be my go to dress x

  9. I see what you mean. I get hot easily, due to various reasons, so am always very concious of how I dress in relation to that. People stare at me anyway because I use a walking stick, I've never known anything like it, it's like I have a neon sign flashing above my head. I wish I had the confidence like you to not care!!

  10. I know confidence doesn't come easy. I've felt so much more confidence since I started blogging about ps fashion x


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