Stefi Got a Brand New Bag...

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I am trying my hardest to be good and not buy anything new but It's oh so hard not buy pretty things.

I have bought a few bits and bobs & I'd love to use my holiday as an excuse but nothing i've bought is for my holiday!

I bought this fairly small (for me) bag at weekend.

It's a nice size for me to take on a night out, big enough to get the massive camera in and all my other essentials! 

It also has a zip fastener which is a must for me

It was £8 which is pretty cheap for the size of bag and Primark have gone all classy and put a metal tag on the outsize which is very cute sadly it will mean everyone will know where you shop! (I'm quite happy to shout my bargain from the rooftops but I know others who wouldn't be)

What do we think?

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  1. I think it looks really good. Total bargain! x

  2. Thank you, I'm really impressed with it x

  3. I nearly bought the big version of this the other week but I couldn't decide on colour. They are lovely though and look much more expensive than they are

  4. I didn't see a bigger version. I really love it. Its big enough to get all my essentials (Crap) in but small enough to take on a night out

  5. I got the big red version of this. Good choice! Goes with so much.

  6. Big Red version, oh hello! I didn't see any of the bigger versions but might have another look tomorrow!

    I like this one as its big enough for all my crap (all essentials) but small enough to get away with on a night out x


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