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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Slowly but surely we will relive my holiday in the few outfit photo's I took. 

Starting at the beginning, Manchester Airport Arrivals Loo's.

Arrivals?! yes we were tres early thanks to us being eager to leave so we went to the Arrivals for a brew. 

My Holiday was lacking in full length mirrors! 

For me I have to be comfy to travel. I had planned to wear my flat forms to travel sadly as I was taking my case out of my house I went over on my ankle, did a spectacular dive out of the porch straight into the Ivy! Converse were the safer option! 

I wore my new Excite Clothing Pants, White T-shirt and cardie both from my recent Tesco bargain buys.

I also wore my Circus Badge which I picked up from Chloe and her Life's Big Canvas stall at Plus North. 

So goodbye grey Manchester and get me to the sunshine!

OK so I'm back already but a girl can dream!

What do you wear to travel? 

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  1. I always comfy clothings, like leggings and a sweater. I love your pants btw ;-)

  2. I think being comfy is key, It always fascinates me some of the outfits people choose to travel in. One girl on my flight had huge heels on and you could tell her feet were killing her x

  3. WifeMumStudentBum30 October 2013 at 21:51

    Love the pants! I always wear leggings and a big naggy top - something really slouchy - I always bloat on planes for some reason. I also wear really comfy shoes - I save dressing up for the actual holiday x :)

  4. I wore jeans last time we went away, huge mistake, I thought I was going to melt when I stepped off the plane. Your outfit is perfect for travelling! x

  5. Comfort is key, I find i'm always really hot or really cold on a plane and I can never find the right balance.

    leggins and a top are the way to go x

  6. I've done the same, I find them really sweaty for travelling! (TMI) I like to be comfy x


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