30x30 Outfit Challenge Outfit One

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

While the plan is to do a weekly round up on a Sunday with the clothes we've been wearing. I will be doing a couple of one off posts and some of the items I'll be using in some up coming challenge posts. 

Yesterday I showed you all the items I've picked out. 

My first outfit was a casual one and I went for Items 6,11,30 

 I wore this for popping out to Matalan and Sainsburys and despite my bad hair day it's a really comfy weekend out fit. 

Here's where I get geeky! In my real life my job title has analyst in it and I like love spreadsheets! 

This is my spreadsheet for the challenge. Now I'm not expecting any of the others to have this level of geekiness to there posts but I like to see what i'm wearing. See if I notice any patterns to what I wear and more importantly if there is any item I don't wear I need to think about why and decide is it time to get rid?! 

If you think this is geeky there might even be a pie chart next week!

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  1. I love the idea of the spreadsheet, i wouldn't have been so organised. I don't think I could have done this challenge so I am looking forward to seeing the outcome :) I love the bat top btw :) xx

  2. haha work people have said they're buying me a mug with I<3 Spreadsheet on!

    I don't really own many fun t-shirts anymore and thought this was cute. Even my gran likes it but she thought it was Cat's heads, we didn't shatter the illusion for her! xx

  3. Absolutely love the spreadsheet Steph!! That is determination! :)

  4. Spreadsheets rock my world, what can I say x


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