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Friday, November 15, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

OOO Look I've finally remembered to insert our logo! 

The Lovely Beth tweeted asking if anyone wanted to be part of a Secret Santa giveaway, to give something back to readers but with a twist, the prize you win will not be what I've bought it will be from one of the other people who are taking part and you won't find out what you've won until the giveaway is over! 

I know all the others who are taking part and I don't think anyone will be disappointed with there prize!

For the person who wins the goodies I've bought they will get:

  • A box of Milktray
  • A small Diary
  • Some Christmas Nail Wraps
  • A Badge from Life's Big Canvas
  • A button Brooch 
  • A hair clip

In the spirit of secret santa we're not going to share which bloggers will be giving which other blog giveaway winner the gift (This is really hard to explain in one coherent sentence) So please make sure you'll be happy for me to pass on your mailing address to one of the other people in the group.


By entering you give permission for your address to be passed on to another blog within the Secret Santa Giveaway.

By entering you understand that the prize you receive will not be the on featured on this blog but a prize featured on another blog within the Secret Santa Giveaway.

Any entries from serial competition accounts will be deleted.

You must be following my blog on Bloglovin' or GFC.

Any false entries will be deleted. 

UK & Ireland Only (Sorry)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The prizes you could be winning will be from one of the following blogs, I'd love it if you'd take a look at them.

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  1. WifeMumStudentBum16 November 2013 at 01:23

    This is a great idea Steph, Looking forward to Christmas! x :)

  2. this is a great idea!! I would love to tell you which other surprise i would like to win but yours is the only post up so far!!

    Toni x

  3. Christmas stories book as it would be fab to read to my son. Off of tinkerbell and the lost girls blog xx

  4. I love the look of all of the prizes but I think I'd most like to win Tinkerbell and the Lost Girl's prize as I've been meaning to try Elf make up for a while.

  5. Beauties Unlocked's prize because it has some great things! (:

  6. Good Luck to you, All will be revealed once the winner is announced!

  7. She really has got some good prizes hasn't she! All will be revealed once the winner is announced!

  8. It's been really well received, I didn't get it at first myself as I thought the secret santa would be between the people taking part but once Beth explained it I loved the Idea x

  9. good luck and everyone will have to wait and see as to which prize the winner will get x

  10. Ops! I got my 12 o'clocks mixed up! At least you commented so i'll still count it :0)

  11. thank you, it's been so well received as well. I wondered if people would be confused but everyone loves the idea x

  12. Awesome idea!! Just one question though, some of the blogs have uk only, and others say uk and Ireland? I am in Ireland so not sure if Irish entries are accepted

  13. Hi, I'm just double checking with the organiser as far as I was aware it was both but i'll let you know. If you want to still enter and i'll clarify later on xxx

  14. Hi it is UK & Ireland for entries xx

  15. id love any! Its always nice to cheer up with a secret santa! I think id like beckys the most!

  16. Entered!! Ohh whoever gets that is lucky! I love Milk Tray! :P xx

  17. Make sure you enter the other ladies giveaways for a chance to win my prize x

  18. good choice, she has picked some good items x

  19. Great idea!

  20. Thank you, I can't wait to find out who win's and who I'm sending my prize to x

  21. Lovely giveaway :) I'd love to win the make up items!! :)

    Jess // Coffee and Cosmetics xo


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