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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Evening Lovelies, 

I'm a touch late with this, good intentions again but I've had a busy few days sparked by a trip to housing units in Hollinwood which does actually feature in this post

This time we are getting all festive. 

My family is usually quite unfestive decoratively if we have a tree it might not go up until Xmas eve occasionally we'll have a bowl of baubles and some lights. 

At work we can't decorate until December, I was thinking of missing this months post but as I keep going on about i'm getting my room done up so we had a trip to Housing Units in Hollinwood to look at wardrobes and so my mum could drool over sofa's. 

We have found a potential wardrobe if fitted wardrobes are too expensive. We also had a wander round the festive section and I took some pictures not even thinking about blogging them. 

Outside Santa has Parked his reindeer in the stable

Inside he's checking the naughty and nice list (I'm on the nice i'm sure) 

Someone buy santa a Quadband phone for chrimbo

I was a magpie in a previous life, look at the sparkle ooooo sparkle

They had a lighty up animals, think of an animal and they're sure to have one festooned with a light bulb! 

Festive goose? 

This was at my eye level, I almost screemed! 

I'll have mine on a plate with orange sauce please

I love the tree 

And please can I have a lighty up penguin?

How festive do you get?

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