#OMCZ 19 - horizontal stripes

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

It's time for the 19th!

It's Beca's turn to choose our theme 

Date Due: Wednesday 6th November
Challenge: Horizontal Stripes

Beca Wrote:

"I decided on horizontal stripes as I think these can still be seen as something that makes some people feel larger than they are. Well what rubbish! I want to see you all rocking the burglar look!"

Looking through my wardrobe and I'm sadly lacking in stripy clothes, I used to have loads and I probably still do but at weekend I went to Sainsbury's as they have a 25% off event and I wanted to have a look at jeans. 

On my way to the clothing desk to pay I spotted this spotty and stripy top and I love it! It had been reduced to £6 plus I got the 25% discount. 

I also got these jeans for £16 plus 25% off they are boyfriend style and this is a style I have never found to fit me before but these are regular rise and they are really comfortable.

To complete my outfit I wore my Granny / Toddler chic shoes from TK Maxx.

I don't think I unleashed my inner burglar but it is a bit Pirate ship deck hand?! 

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  1. I love it you look so cute and those shoes are adorable xxx

  2. Mariett Teixeira Matias6 November 2013 at 10:22

    Looking lovely hun!! The top is super cute! ;)*

  3. Your jumper is soo cute!! Likey, likey xx

  4. Love this jumper and what a bloody bargain at £6!!! xx

  5. Looking good lovely. I live opposite Sainsburies and panic when they have the 25% off! lol. x

  6. Thank you, I really wanted the Topshop ones Rosie has but when I saw these reduced I had to have them x

  7. Thank you, I love the top it has my two favourite things, spots and stripes x

  8. Thank you, I love them both x

  9. Thank you, I love spots and stripes so it's the best of both worlds x

  10. I seem to buy things just before the 25% events but we've got pretty good and sussing out when they will be x

  11. WifeMumStudentBum10 November 2013 at 23:15

    Love this jumper - what a bargain x

  12. thank you, i really like it x


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