2014 - Idea's

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

2014 is just around the corner and whist I don't really make resolutions I do want to make some plans of things to do.

1. I really want to do 365 photo. I actually want to do 3, this is a bit ambitious I know! The first one I want to do is a general 365, get a picture everyday it doesn't matter what it is. I might try and follow some of the photo a day lists on isntagram, or I might just take a picture of anything. The second one is a bit narcissistic and it is to take a selfie aday, face, body, feet just me! This one will be kept just for me and if I manage it I might share at the end of next year. The final one which is impratical is to take a photo a day of the same place at around the same time. I might try and fit this in monthly. 

2. I'm carrying on with most of the blog challenges I took part in last year: #OMCZ, Fatshionologie, Just another blogging challenge, Magnificent 7th. I won't be taking part in ARC as I failed miserably this year and I don't even feel bad about it! (well I do a bit) 

3. I'm hoping to start another blogger fashion challenge but I'm still thinking up a name any idea's are greatfully received. 

4. I'm going to be re-starting weight watchers / heathly eating. I'm still paying for it and not going. I feel lousy inside and out. My insides hurt, my joints hurt, I feel like my batteries are wearing out. I need a plan to stick to. 

5. I'm going to get better at blogging, I need to buy a laptop and set aside some time each week and plan what I want to blog and actually do it.

6. I need to see my friends in real life, I haven't seen anyone since October!

7. Go to some blog events

8. Meet up with people I've met through blogging people i've met before and others I chat to regularly.

9. Go on holiday - yeah I know I do this every year but I really need one!

10. Grow my hair - I'm bored of short hair, my goal is to get it up in a bobble! (sad but true)

11. Learn to like myself

I'm looking forward too 2014, I dislike the number 13 and i'll be glad to see that back of 2013

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