30 x 30 Outfit Challenge Week Three Round Up

Monday, December 02, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Wow can you believe we're at the end of the third week, time really has flown. 

I still haven't replaced the batteries in my proper camera and now my room is completely empty so I have no where to rest the camera in lieu of a tripod so please excuse the dodgy mirror shots.

My week Started on Sunday not the usual Saturday as I felt lousy and didn't get dressed! 

Sunday was a bit of a whirlwind we decided to pop to housing unit to look at bedroom furniture and since then we've ordered a new carpet, my room has been empted, painted white and the gloss has been done, new wall paper has been chosen and we're waiting for a joiner to come back with a price for fitted wardrobes! 


This week i've been through the list and I'm trying to wear things I haven't worn before, I love this Green dress from Excite clothing and it goes so well with my Sister Vintage bunting necklace, this was worn to work and it's so comfy and easy to wear. 


Another day another dollar - work again, I feel that this pink clove skirt is really short on me but in the mirror it looks quite an ok length.


I was going to a baby shower after work at Richmond tea rooms so wanted to make a bit of an effort, the grey top is actually a dress, but It's pretty short so I wore my Pink Clove teal skirt to make it work appropriate.


I was on a course all day so I knew I needed to be comfy and our meeting rooms are either boiling or freezing so I went with a sleeveless dress with a thick cardie.


DDF (Dress down Friday) I was on the course again all day, so comfort was key, I'm not sure about the top. I have it in black which I love but the striped one.


Saturday was another day of sorting, packing up, moving stuff and a trip to the charity shop to off load 5 bags of stuff! 

We nipped to a local bed shop and sainsburys where despite my vow not to buy anything new, I came out with a christmas jumper and a onsie! ops!

No Spreadsheet or graph for you today but as of Saturday there were only 2 unworn Items on my list so my pledge this week is to wear those two Items! :0)

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  1. I love your outfits and the way you have mixed them. I love the Pink Glove tartan skirt and also the way you mix the dress and skirt on Wednesday. xx


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