Bedroom update

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slowly but surely things are moving on with the home renovations. 

Things are moving slowly and plans keep changing and I know it won't all be done till mid January at the earliest.

The tale so far, a while a go my gran offered to buy me some new wardrobes and I had to have a mass clear out, in fact I had to have about 3. 
a few weeks ago I bought a new light shade then me and my mum went to housing units and I saw some wardrobes we thought would work.
My gran wanted us to get a price from a joiner for fitted wardrobes, he took his time with a price and in the mean time my romm got empted out save for the bed and empty wardrobe, two of the walls then got stripped and new wall paper purchased as the painting was a bit patchy.

We had actually given up hope of the joiner come back to us with a price and had planned to go back to free standing but he's dropped a quote off and we're going to go with it. 

The new carpet was also ordered and the carpet shop are on standby to fit as soon as we give the go ahead. 

I really can't wait till it's all done! 

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