Soap and Glory

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey Lovelies,

It's that time of year when the Soap and Glory set is on offer, I'd totally forgotten and as it's the weekend before payday I knew I couldn't afford / justify getting one. On Saturday we went into my local boots and they had 100's of the sets but I managed to resist saying that I don't get paid till friday so I'll have to do without. 

When i got home I was clearing my purse of old receipts and found the £15 gift card I won from Willow and I was saving for the after Christmas sales. 

Sunday we went back and with £12 borrowed from my mum to pay the remaining I got myself one.

I love the pattern of this years bag and it's nice to see the zip back around the top.

I think for £27 it's a pretty good deal, I couldn't bring myself to pay £60 for it.

When I opened it up there has been a leak, the body wash's lid wasn't on properly. I was going to take it back but I really can't face lugging it round with me. There isn't too much split and luckily ther cardboard box saved the bag itself from being marked!

I'm looking forward to my morning shower now to use the body was as it smells amazing! 

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  1. I managed to get one as well but now I have also received lots of S&G for Christmas!x


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