What I got for Christmas 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I feel like I'm one of the last to do this kind of post but I thought I'd share what my mum (and dad)  got me for Christmas 2014.

As with everyone else I'm not doing this to show off or brag. Just sharing what I got. I hope everyone had the best Christmas they were able to have.

Eyelash Cardie from Tesco. I've wanted one for ages but my mum hates them and said they will shed on her carpet but she got me one and after wearing it for a few days she really likes it!

Navy Top Tesco - I have two of these already in black and berry  that I love so it's great to have another one. 

Pink Cardie from Select. I was a bit shocked by this because I never thought I'd fit anything from select then my mum confessed she'd bought this for herself. Ripped the tag off before she'd tried it on and it was too big! either way I love it.

Green top from tesco. This is a bit differnt and not something I'd pick myself but it will look good with my jeans

Grey Jumper Asda. Again this isn't something I'd buy as I get really hot and it's very thick but It will be good for cold winter days.

I think this is techically from my Gran but I know my mum bought it and wrapped it. Just a plain black jumper. I have said I want to wear more black in 2015 so it will be ideal.

Kimono from TK Maxx. Again this is from my Gran but my mum choose it.

Christmas PJ's these were my Christmas Day PJs.

The softest socks ever. As you can see i've been wearing these before I remembered to take a photo.

A cute bag. I'm not sure if this is a bad, purse of makeup bag, I love it either way.

This is my favourite present and sadly a really blury picture. This has a lot of meaning for me and That sounds odd for some makeup but when the Chubby Sticks advert ws on TV and the cat was alive she loved it. all the swirling images. She had more of a reaction to them than the TV programmes made for cats. We always joked she wanted a chubby stick and now I got some as  gift.

Hand a nail set - I've said it a million times but the amount of hand cream I go through this is a very welcome gift. I love the paper soap. They are going in my handbag in case i'm out and about and there is no hand soap.

I can't remember what brand this is but I think it's similar to MUA (I really hope i'm not wrong and it was expensive!!) I love these types of colours and it has a little mirror in the lid.

Hat, Glove and mittens in red. These are so cosy and warm. I also got a plain black hat and a cat with mustashes scarf

Three books - I did say I wanted to read more in 2015.

A Diary. This is so cute. it's from Tesco the only thing with it is it makes a funny noise when you turn the pages. very odd!

My Chrsitmas eve PJ's these have been worn a lot and already been washed once. They are very festive but not very wintery and they come with a vest top. They are from New Look and very comfy.

Primark earrings.
Blue and white striped top from Primark. This is so comfy I had to rescue it from the washing basket for the photo. Its nice and thin but still warm.

Wool coat. I've actually had this for a couple of weeks. It was a bargain £20. I didn't know if I was buying it for a christmas present or if she'd bought it but I was paying for it. It's from Tesco and my local store still had some in yesterday.

Mini skirt form Tesco. I love the colours. I think with a black top, tights and boots this will look good in winter as well as wearing in summer 

I did get a couple of other bits as we do after dinner gifts.

From my mum I got another hand cream set
My Gran (dad's mum) Welly Socks
Mar (Mum's mum) a Tube of smarties

I don't know about your family but we tend to leave tags and prices on things. It's been a thing since one year my mum had got me loads of stuff but it was all reduced stuff from New Look and I was more impressed with the bargains than the items themselves. (Things £2 instead if £15 for example) and she couldn't understand how I knew the prices. She'd asked my gran to wrap some things and she'd not thought to remove the prices. Ever since then we rarely bother to take tags off. (If you wondered why everything still had a tag) 


My 2015 New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I can't promise to stick to these things but these are the resolutions I've decided to try and do this year.

  • Average 19 blog posts a month. This year it's been about 18 a month which isn't bad going really. 
  • Do not buy any more note pads. I have lots. I buy them because they are pretty but don't use them. I'm going to use them this year and try not to buy any more till I've used up what I've already got. 
  • Read more books. While I have read a lot this year. I haven't really recorded them on good reads. I have no idea what I have read this year other than the few i've reviewed on the blog. I'm going to aim to read more and record them on good reads
  • Wear more black - I really dislike black and tend to wear a lot of bright colours and patterns but I think 2015 might be time for a plainer more simple wardrobe. Who and I kidding I will still wear the bright colours but I think I want to wear more trousers and I think black tops will look bets with them. 
  • Attempt slimming world. I did so well a couple of years ago. I'm not going to a class but try and get into a better eating routine and up my water consumption. one day this week I had one drink and that was Ice Tea at 2pm and I didn't have anything else till 2am when I woke up with a raging thirst. I craved lettuce this week which I think is a sign I need to look at my eating habbits. I won't deprive myself of anything but cutting down on snacks and eating more fresh food. Taking my lunch to work rather than relying on Greggs to feed me will also help. 
  • Buy a new camera. I'm going to save up and get a decent one. I've seen 3 I want one is £200 and the other two are £400 which is way above my current spending power. If only I hadn't bought all that sale stuff I'd be well on my way to affording one. Thus also leads into my next resolution
  • I want to give Vlogging a go! I don't like my accent and I'm not sure I can bare to speak on camera but I love watching Vlogs and I've been itching to try it. 

2015 I'm ready for you!

PS These are starting 5th January as I'm away 2nd - 4th!!! 


Growing my hair 2014 - The Final Update of 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's been a long and frustrating year hair wise. I don't feel like my hair has grown much but looking back at the pictures it really has gown.

Looking at my badly cobbled together collage it has actually grown quite a lot. From March to July it grew loads, however as the back was way longer than the front and it was looking slightly mullet like and i just felt really frumpy and something needed to be done.

I decided to get it cut. I spoke to a hairdresser and I had two options trim it and get rid of the dead ends and it wouldn't really look any different or be brave and chop enough off the back to make it concaved. I decided to bite the bullet and go for the chop. By October it had grown to be longer than before i'd had it cut which was impressive to me at least.

By December it hadn't really gown much but the ends were dead and I was getting bored. I really wanted a fringe so I had it cut. The girl went a bit scissor happy and cut loads more than we'd said and I really hate the side fringe she hasn't done it right. I'm not sure what she's done but it doesn't sit right.

I'm slightly disappointed to be ending the year with no real change between October and December but I am looking forward to seeing how long it will be by this time next year.

The main thing I've said all year is I want it long enough to tie up and for a few months I have been wearing it up but it's still not quite there unless I use quite a few grips.

Next years goal is for it to be long enough to wear in a plait. I think I will try and only have it cut two or three times again.


Sales Haul Part 2

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I really shouldn't be allowed out! Going to the shops seems to be dangerous to my purse!

So I went to the shops again and taken pictures of some of the things I missed from my last post. 

Home Bargains

 This isn't a sale buy but wanted to share. Muslin clothes for about 70p in Home Bargains. I have about three of these already but as you're meant to use a clean one daily I thought I'd grab a couple more.

 Plastic tub, I've bought 8 of these this week. My mum is using some downstairs and i've got a couple on my shelves with beauty products in. I can fit three on my shelves. I already had one very similar from Ikea and these were only £1.99 from home bargains. They have pet caddy on the label. I found some in the home aisle of one home bargains and the others in the pet aisle of another home bargains.


Socks for £2! I got my mum this same set for Christmas and she said they were really comfy so thought I'd get myself some. 

ASDA Living

I went a little bit shopping happy and only spent about £25 so I don't feel too bad. 

Three Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream sets for £3 each! We cleared them out buying 6 boxes in total. I've had a quick google and they are approx £7.50 a tube each to buy separately. So I can justify buying three boxes.  

 I've heard such good things about NSpa products and I really want most of the cleansing range. This set was £2.50. I have so much hand cream already but I go through a tube every other week roughly so I can justify buying it.

 After saying we didn't need any more make up bags and getting those from boots I really shouldn't have bought this this but it was £2.50 and came with more hand cream, a bath fizz, body cream and shower gel. It's also very pretty.

 A stool for £4. This seems quite sturdy and I have a little sit test in the middle of the store. I got this for my blogging corner once I've tidied up. I don't have room for a chair but if this doesn't work it was only £4 and will be a replacement for the old Ikea buffet we use as a hair dying chair.

 Tunic top. This could do with being a size bigger. It might be going back but it was only £5.

 Another tunic top. I wasn't sure about this when my mum found it and handed it to me but I really like it on. It was also only £8

These are the harem trousers I mentioned in my last post. I do quite like them and they are not huge on the thighs. They are also really soft and have pockets.

I really have to stop spending stuff. I have a jumper to take back to peacocks but that is only £5 so that's not really going to restore the balance.

What's your best sales bargain so far?

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley Christmas Blogging Event

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In Mid December I was invited by Joe Blogs to attend a craft event run by Laura Ashley and the Ministry of Craft

I really love craft projects and in the past I have done quite a lot of crafty stuff. Not so much in recent years but I would really like to get back into it and one of my 2015 goals is to keep a scrap book in conjunction with my blog.

There were two activities planned. Sewing a present bag and making a gift box. 

I knew I wanted to sew first. I haven't been on a sewing machine for years. Other than threading the needle on my grans machine I haven't been near one. 

I did textiles GCSE (I got an E hmmmm) Ours was a bit of an odd GCSE course. Our teachers were doing their masters and had to embroider free hand on the machines so they had us doing the same. I sewed through my finger and spent 6 hours in casualty! Safe to say I didn't actually finish my exam piece and asked to be withdrawn from the exam but they wouldn't let me! 

My foe my folly! I did better than I expected, the machines they had us use were amazing. I really want a sewing machine of my very own. 

Our first task was to sew bunting on to the bag. I made a few mistakes and didn't line a couple of things up but I'm pretty happy with how I did. 

This is bad photo of how I did. I love the looks of concentration on the faces of everyone over the top of my machine. 

You can tell it was a blogger event we weren't allowed to eat until everyone had taken a photo of the food! This food was much needed, I hadn't eaten all day and by 3pm when we stopped for tea I was so hunrgy. The yorkshire puddings with beef and the mini cheese and onion tarts were amazing. I event text my friend saying we needed to put this on our list of places to have food in the new year! 

Our next activity was making gift boxes out of wall paper. This is such a simple Idea but it's really effective. 

The light was fading so we marked our cutting lines in pencil. Normally you can use follow the fold lines but we couldn't actually see them! 

Look I made a box base!!! I did plan to make some more of these for Christmas gift boxes but time ran away with me but Birthday presents etc watch this space. 

We also made bows. I really struggled with my folding on this nd one of them is totally wrong but I'm really impressed how well it looks on the photo. 


December 2014 Empties

Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm actually shocked about how much I've got through this month! I looked in the box and it was full. I'd also thrown out a lot of old make up which I've separated out and I'll do in a separate post.

Hair Products

There are more things as my mum mucked out the bathroom and binned my V05 Texture shampoo (It was still pretty full as well!)

Herbal Essences Brakeage Defender hair mask This has been in all my empties posts. We love this stuff. I think we have 2 or three more pots of it and it is up there will my all time favourite products. I've only ever seen it in pound world and I would buy it again if I see any more, 
Hair Oil (check name and brand) This was in a beauty box. I'm not sure which one and I didn't read the label and used it as a body oil for about a week before reading it to see the brand and look at buying it. Doh! it's a hair oil. My hair gets really greasy really quickly so adding oil is a no no for me. I tried it a couple of times and went back to using it on my legs! I wouldn't repurchase it but only because I'm a greasy haired one! 
Herbal Essence Dry shampoo This was an impulse purchase. 1 It was on offer (under £2) 2. I was buying the matching shampoo and conditioner. 3, It smells amazing. As a dry shampoo i'm a bit meh! First time I used it I found it a bit wet. It gave incredible volume and I decided to use it as a styling aid and found it worked quite well but I didn't love it. I wash my hair at night and by morning I always find I need to use a bit of dry shampoo and didn't really like it for that. BUT over Christmas I had a couple of lazy days and I was on day 2 (maybe 3) of not washing and my hair looked like it'd been dipped in the chip fryer. I decided to try it and it was amazing. It really soaked up almost all the grease and it didn't make my head itch. My initial reaction was I wouldn't repurchase this but after seeing what it did day 3 I would be tempted if it was on offer again. 
 CoLab London This is another one i'm a bit meh about. I'm not keen on the smell. I know a lot of people like this one best. It's ok for a quick refresh on my morning hair but it doesn't really last all day. I have a mini green one which I haven't tried and a mini orange one which smells amazing. These will probably be in next months empties post. 
Batiste Wild and Sassy Despite it making my head itch you can't beat Batiste for dry shampoo. I got this scent because a few YouTubers I watch say it's their favourite. I liked this and of all the Batiste flavours (scents,  types defo flavours) It's one I'm likely to buy again. 

Bath Products

I'm so grateful for winter allowing us to have the heating on and meaning hot water for baths. Baths are one of my favourite things. 

Epsom Salts I got this in a goodie bag from City Spa Escapes. It was Epsom salts with lavendar. I used this as I was really achy and ill and it said it was good for that kind of thing. It smelt amazing but I couldn't cope with the lavender buds in the bath. It also was quite hard to clean up. I wouldn't use anything with bits in again but I would use epsom salts again. 
Rituals Shower Gel Another product from a beauty box and I remember saying I hated the smell of this when I wrote about this box. I've had a couple of other Rituals shower gels and loved then so decided to try this and when it was mixed with hot water the smell improved. It has rosemary and something else and I really liked it. Not enough to buy a full sized but I wouldn't be opposed to another  miniature.
Zoella Soak Opera I really liked this product. I got it when the Zoella stuff came out at first. It's very bubbly and I'm not sure i'd buy it again for myself but I would get it as a gift for someone else or if someone wanted to get me it as a gift I would be happy.  


These are not things that are part of my skin care routine. I've used other serums in the past but they are not something I ever think to buy.

With both of these you apply them to clean wet skin, I don't know that I'd buy these again or anything like them. They are very small samples and I only got two or three uses out of each of these. They were a nice to try but i won't be buying any time soon. 

Face Products

Essence Grab and Go Wipes I love these little wipes. I think this is the second or third pack i've been through. The towels themselves are very small but I think they do well to remove a lot of make up for their size and They are really handy to for wiping make up off my hands as I'm getting ready. These will be repurchased I'm sure. 
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer I'll be honest I didn't like this when I first got it. It was in a beauty box and I hated them smell (I'm still not keen) But it has to be the best primer I've tried and I've worked my way through quite a few, I squeezed pretty much every last drop out of this and was trying to decide what to buy next. I really couldn't justify £19 or so on a primer. Luckily for me I got an email from Latest in beauty with a code for a free one if I bought their latest Glamour Box. The Glamour boxes are ace so I got me a second one. I'm not sure what I'll do when that one runs out. I might have to start a Laura Mercier Primer fund!
Nivea  Oil Free Day Cream This has to be my favourite moisturiser of all time. I can't count how many of these I've been through but I love it. My mum game me one when I ran out of Clinique lotion and I haven't looked back. They do a few types. This is a combination skin but I've also got the dry skin and normal skin ones on the go as well. I tend to use this as my night time moisturiser as it doesn't have SPF in. All the other ones do. This is also on offer a lot so next time I see it I'll stocking up. This could also be my product of the year. 

Teeth Products

I wouldn't normally include a used toothbrush but decided to this time. 

Colgate Battery Tooth Brush  I've never included my used tooth brushes in an empties post but derided to this month as I've been using this brand and type of tooth brush for a few years. I can't use electric tooth brushes they really go through me and when I did use them I was getting told off a lot by the dentist for missing teeth. I decided to try this type and I love it. They are about £6 ish but I'd say about the last 5 or 6 i've had have been under £3 as they tend to be on offer at Tesco and Boots a lot. You have to flit between the two to get the deals, I also used to be bad at not replacing my manual tooth brushes but with this kind I get a new one when the battery wears down. This tends to be 4-6 months. I think you're meant to get a new one every three months so this keeps me in check with "normal" rules of society!
Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Tooth Paste I've had this in an empties before and originally I got some as a PR sample and loved it. I've honestly never used a tooth paste that made my teeth feel as clean. I bought two more tubes on the back of that sample. I'm still loving it and I'm part way through tube three, It's expensive as far as tooth pastes go at about £5 a tube but I think that's comparable to other whitening tooth pastes, My teeth are awful and I'm not sure i've seen a change in the colour but nothing but verniers would fix my teeth.


These are things that didn't really fit anywhere else.

Johnsons Cotton Buds I go through a lot of these and they are in every empties post. I always used to buy any brand but I think the Johnsons ones are the best. They are the softest and the most sturdy. I tend to get them from the Pound Shop or Home Bargains. 
Tanya Burr False Lashes I worse these to a wedding in November and really liked them. I can't remember which ones I got but they were really nice to apply and didn't irritate me. I managed to lose one when I removed them otherwise I think it'd have got another use out of them,
Sure Deodorant I keep coming back to this brand. I don't have any loyalty to a deodorant brand. I tend to buy any that are 48 hour as I feel it gives me a better level of cover but I don't really put much thought into what i'm buying, 


I don't think I have ever finished a mascara before and here we have two! 

Essence Multi Action By far my favourite mascara of the year. I did get this as a PR sample and was wary of the pretty thin brush but I loved it. It was really good as an everyday mascara and I although I must have 7ish mascara's in my make up collection at the moment I think this will be repurchased at some point soon. 

Essence Extreme Volume I loved the look of the brush on this one. It's nice and chunky and like a traditional fibre brush. I really like this it did have a bit of a tendency to clump but that could be my technique as I'm not the best at applying make up. I also found it hard to get close to the roots. Again this could be more me than anything else. I would repurchase this if I didn't have so many other mascara's on the go. 

Face Masks

I have a real love for face masks and I'm looking for one in a pot to buy. If you can recommend one. Please let me know in the comments or tweet me! 

Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet I'm a massive fan of the superdrug clay mask and decided to get this sheet mask. they really intrigue me and are less messy. This felt really nice on my skin but I don't think the sheet is quite the right face shape as I felt like I had a patch missing, I think I have another one of these so I need to try again.

Montagne Jeunesse dead sea mud mask My favourite mask of the year. It has the mud infused in the sheet so is a bit messy but not as messy as squeezing out the mud on to your hand. It made my skin feel amazing and I will be buying more of these.

Hand and Nail Products

I go through so many hand creams. Santa and the sales have been good to me and I might have enough hand creams to last me till June!

Body Shop Shea Hand Cream I highly rate all of the body shop hand creams that I've tried. This was a new or new and improved one that I got in summer. I really loved this and if I hadn't got some many other ones I'd buy a full size one.

Soap and Glory Hand Food This came from Rebs in a beauty box swap and it smells amazing and really works well. When I first started getting soap and glory boxes I was sceptical of the hand cream as I thought it might be a bit greasy and just a bit of nothing but it proved me wrong. This will be repurchased at some point.

Nail file It will be a rare thing to find a nail file in my empties post but this one has well and truly had it. It was in a multi pack I got in a goodie bag from the FABB event in Manchester last year. I dished them out between my colleagues and this one has lived in my drawer all year. It's rare for me to file my nails but I know someone at work has been using it and it's worn practically smooth. I have one more of these in my drawer at work. Wonder if that will ever end up in an empties post?

What have you used up this month?