One Hop This Time....January Round Up

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

As I type we have officially entered February. I’ve had a quiet January blog wise.

I keep banging on about it but I’ve been having my room renovated and it’s finally done bar a new carpet and bed.

The highlights of the month for me are the #OMCZ challenge I organise, you can tell January is a long month as we’ve had three challenges, Pretty Pencils, Keeping it Casual and Accessories.

I’m also organising a Meet up in Manchester for plus sized people, nothing fancy just a group of fab people. Meeting up, going shopping, and eating cake. I’ve set up an event on FB at the moment it’s invite only. If you’d like to come add me as a friend on FB and let me know and I can sent you an invite.

I also took part in Body Confidence Week 2014 I didn’t do all the posts but it was a fab idea and I will be taking part in the next one.
I’m trying to get my head in gear and now my room is done I should be able to start taking part in more challenges. I did my Magnificent 7th post but it was so whiney and whingey I won’t share it again! I did however share my best sales bargain in my Just another blogging challenge post.

Earlier this month I went to Wakefield to celebrate my lovely friend Rebs 30th Birthday. I had a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to meet up with her again and lots of other lovely people. I think the next opportunity will be at big boogie prom at the end of March.

On my way home from Wakefield I popped in to Eek which is part owned by Pesky Chloe of Life’s Big Canvas who I adore, I’d only seen her the day before at Rebs birthday but I thought I’d go and see the shop for myself after lusting over pictures on Facebook. If you are in Leeds go visit them. It is such an amazing place full of treasures. I wish I could go to Leeds more often but in some ways it’s good for my purse!

In early January, I was feeling a bit blue hearing about people being invited to amazing events and my social and blog calendar is filling up fast!

Here are the things I have thought of, off the top of my head and I’m sure there are other ones in between and if you have anything planned let me know.

February –
A well overdue Haircut
Events in Manchester

Friend’s baby’s christening
Big Boogie Prom

Friends Birthday
Annual Leave from work

Annual Leave from work
Clothes swap in Leeds
Mine and my mum’s birthdays
Manchester Meet up

Friends Hen do

Friend’s wedding


OMCZ 25 - 2014/3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

Due: 29/01/2014
Theme: Accessories

This theme was chosen by Nikki.

Nikki wrote:

my idea was to go with accessories unless that has already been done.
I thought we can use scarves,bags or statement jewellery to show how you can change the look of an outfit and the bolder the better.

Nikki xx

Accessories are something I own in abundace and I don't wear them often enough. 

As the organiser of the challenge I might have a bit of an unfair advnatage as I often know the themes a little in advance and i'm not ashamed to admit for this challenge I took advantage of that to get my pictures done a few weeks ago! 


Denim Dress & Boots from Crazy Clearance, Necklace from the Scarlett & Jo goodie bag at the Plus North after party. 

Belt Evans (really old) Brooch from my Secret Santa at work. 


Do you make the most of your accessories? 

Claire Richards

Five, Six Seven....

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

Sorry for the title, I couldn't resist!

I was contacted recently to see if I’d like to review some of the new Claire Richards SS14 collection at Fashion World I was looking at all the lovely clothes and a few pieces caught my eye but I knew I didn't have any occasion to wear them. 

Although I am going to a Prom in a few weeks so I’m wondering if I should have gone for one of the gorgeous dresses. 

I went for Skinny Jeans, something I am always in need of and a white shirt, a classic combination which was inspired a bit by Mrs Bebe I can see her rocking this outfit far better than I do. 

I love the jeans, they are high waisted and full of Lycra which help to keep their shape, I went for the 24’s as I knew they would fit and I did have to lie on the bed to fasten them on the first wear but as soon as I stood up they stretched with me and I didn’t feel like they were too tight at all. 

For me the shirt was a brave choice I don’t usually do shirts or white clothes but I love this, again I went for the 24 and it is a perfect fit.

As you can see we are in the midst of re-decorating & I’ve taken advantage of my mum’s new wardrobes for some blog photos. I had hoped to take the pictures outside but alas the rain thwarted my plans again!

The bag itself is fab, when it arrived I thought to myself I don’t remember it having studs on the side but never thought to check.

The bag itself is fab, when it arrived I thought to myself I don’t remember it having studs on the side but never thought to check.

I wore this to go shopping with my mum, I teamed it with my bargain boots from Crazy Clearance and I also used the bag they sent me. I have only just noticed that it isn’t the one on the Claire Richards collection page. 


Eek @ Handpicked Hall Leeds

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Last Sunday on my way home from Wakefield I stopped off in Leeds and went to Visit my lovely friend Pesky Chloe in her new Venture in Handpicked Hall Leeds. 


Eek is the name (they have a twitter &FB page) and Eek is what I did when I walked in, the shop is on the first floor of Handpicked hall in Leeds. Which can be found in the Grand Arcade in Leeds. 

The best description of how to find it is find TK Maxx and Primark and walk up the street that runs between them and the Arcade is up there. 


Time and tide wait for no man, or so the arcade tells us. 

I'm just going to let you marvel in the next few pictures, my opening words after "Eek" were I want one of everything.

I got a couple of big badges and a pocket mirror 


I also bought one of the button brooches. 

IMG_0062 IMG_0061  IMG_0059 IMG_0057 IMG_0056IMG_0055 IMG_0054 IMG_0053 IMG_0052IMG_0051IMG_0050 IMG_0047IMG_0046

I also had a quick look round the upstairs and met some lovely people, Twit-woo Vintage have some fab items and the girl running it was lovely, gave me a lovely warm welcome sadly it was the wrong side of payday. 

I also met Claire and Jenny from Our Handmade Collective I got a lovely warm welcome and complimented on my scarf as soon as I walked in by Jenny. They have an amazing range of goods. Jenny gave me a brief introduction and left me to browse which was lovely, I wanted to many things. I left with some foot soak and a hair slide. 

If you are in Leeds or are planning a visit soon make sure you go and visit them. 

I won't be back till the end of March or possibility May but I will be popping in.

Have you been to any of the Handpicked Hall's? (I've been to Skipton & Leeds) 

big boogie prom

Big Boogie Prom March 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

My Lovely friends Rebs is organising a prom (Read her post about it here) The prom sounds like it will be amazing and it's only 9 weeks away. 

It is a body possitive, queer, trans inclusive party. I believe it started as a plus size event and has morphed to make sure it is inclusive of everyone. 

The prom will take place on 29th March 2014 at Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield which is just off Junction 39 of the M1. (I've booked my room via booking.com but there are plenty of other sites and a few other hotels close by)

The ticket price is £25 plus booking fee and you can find links here on the website. The ticket price includes a welcome drink, a buffet, and a disco. 

If you'd like more info the best port of call is twitter @bigboogieprom where Rebs is on hand to answer any questions but here's a few that she has been asked:

- There is no "minimum fatness" requirement! This prom is for anyone.
- There is no dress code. Yes, some people will be in fancy dresses and suits. But if that isn't your thing or within your budget, there will be no shame in your turning up in a t-shirt and jeans.
- I am actively looking for sponsorship if you are in a position to offer help, contacts, or if you own a shop and can offer a discount for our goodie bags!

I can't wait and it's only 9 weeks away, I need to decide on a dress and book some train tickets. 

If anyone wants any more info or can help with goodie bags etc. please contact Rebs (she is lovely and will give you all the info) 

contatcts: @bigboogieprom https://www.facebook.com/bigboogieprom http://bigboogieprom.com/

If you're going please let me know and i'm looking forward to meeting new people and catching up with people I've met before. xxx

Just another blogging Challenge

Just another blogging Challenge....

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

The theme of this months challenge is sales / bargains. One of my favourite topics.

I'm a self confessed bargain hunter, I make no secret of avoiding paying full price for anything. Don't get me wrong, I don't go round collecting coupons and things like that but unless I have to have something there and then I will wait for a sale. If it's meant to be they will reduce it and then have an extra percentage off (god bless sainsburys for this) 

This year I haven't got anything really in the sales, well I tell a lie I've bought a few hair care sets from boots and i've bought some things from the crazy clearnace shop (another favourite place - I have an awful feeling it's going to close down soon - Insert sad face here!) 

I'm trying to think of my best bargins of this year so far and I have to say my new boots from the crazy clearance shop for £8.99

I love them, I really hope they keep the shop open, they have a lot of stuff in that is tat and you have to wade through items from every brand in the JD Williams group but there are some amazing bits and bobs to be had if you are prepared to be patient and rummage. 


#OMCZ 24 - 2014 /2 - Keeping it casual

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hi All, 

I can't get over the fact we are half way through January already! is it too soon to day where is the year going? 

It's time for our second challenge of 2014 which has been choosen by Natalie

Due: 15th Jan
Theme: Keeping it casual

Natalie Wrote:

"I always love seeing everyone looking lovely in their outfits but what do you wear when you are lounging around at home? Are you an all day pj girl or do you still keep it glam? "

I'm pretty at home is casual clothes so this will be a good one for me. I can't wait to see what we all come up with. 

I'm also at home in casual clothes. Every Friday we have Dress Down Friday (DDF), this usually involves me wearing jeans, a jumper and being comfy is key.


I wore Jeggins from Sainsbury's and white jumper with heart studds from New Look. 


I love feeling comfy but don't really like jeans any more Jeggins from Sainsbury's are a size too big which makes them more jean like but with an elastic waist for extra comfort.

How do you get comfy? 

Magnificent 7th

Magnificent 7th 2014 / 1 New Year

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

New Year’s Eve hold a lot of promise for some people, a glimmer of hope for a new start. Sadly it tends to be a day of disappointment, nothing ever changes and you’re having a crap time.
One of my friends used to have a house party on NYE and it was always fun but never fantastic, before that we’d go to the pub and I’d be not only the 3rd wheel but what I like to call the 5th wheel, me and two couples who started off not so coupley but by midnight I’d be ready for chucking myself under the nearest bus if only they ran on NYE.

We then progressed to going for a curry which again would be ok but really sat eating special mango chicken being sprayed with Tesco cava (they didn’t even try to hide the labels) at midnight again isn’t my idea of fun.

The year before last (well 2 now) I was too ill to go out but it sounded like they had a cracking night, tears, fights, breakups I was happy to be in bed by midnight!

Last year (2012/13) me and my friend went for a curry which was fab then we headed to a local pub where there was a private party and it was a cracking night, well it must have been I have very little memory of it! My friend lost the ability to speak after midnight and not her voice just words weren’t coming out in sentences. Best NYE so far.

This year I had no plans and while I love my friends, I couldn’t face another curry so I booked tickets to see a show in Manchester with my mum. I held the promise of a nice calm relaxing NYE. Afternoon show. A few drinks and a lift home!

The show was awful, the seats uncomfortable and we were falling asleep and I haven’t had my email from AGT to rate the show!

We headed back to the pub for some food then got the bus home as it was only 5pm.
I got home PJs on then got indigestion, 8 rennies later and I felt crap I burped my way into the New Year all with the addition of bloody Gary Barlow advertising his way through BBC1’s NYE Celebrations!

I dislike him so much, if you follow me on twitter you will know my dislike, if you know me in person you will have seen my impression of him.

While this is a challenge post I was going to show you what I wore on the day itself but we had breakfast out and I spilt baked beans all down me on the first forkful! It really set me up for the day.
I can’t say NYD was any more exciting, trip to Tesco and then ASDA to buy food then to visit my grandparents and check my granddad was behaving on his new tablets!

I know I have ranted on a bit and despite my misery and waffling and complaining I am looking forward to 2014.

I have a few things planned in, starting with a 30th Birthday in a couple of weeks (not mine that ship sailed long ago), there are a couple of clothes swaps I’m hoping to get to. Sheffield 8th Feb and Leeds 3rd May.

Big Boogie Prom in March, I’m not 100% sure I can make this but I’ve reserved a hotel room with free cancellation just in case.

A 40th celebration in April which I really want to go to, need to check hotels out and potentially another meet up with some fab lasses the same month.

On to May, well the clothes swap I’ve mentioned, my birthday and I’m organising a meet up in Manchester for plus size folk, nothing fancy shopping and food but life is good. There is also a blogging conference I’m trying to justify the cost of but will have to wait till payday to decide.
I’ve got things planned for the first 5 months and who knows what else will come up between now and then.

Have you got things penciled in the diary already?


More Room Fripperies

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

My room still isn't done, we are still waiting for the joiner to build the wardrobes! He is going to order the doors on Monday when the company that will be making them re-opens after Christmas.

I keep saying I am not buying anything new until the room is done but I can't help myself.

I'm still trying to find the perfect storage solution for my make up and I've shown you a few times the plastic drawers I bought from poundworld rather than splash out and buy the Muji Acrylic storage.

The poundworld drawers just don't hold enough and I have succumbed and bought some small acrylic drawers from Rymans but they really are tiny and not brill value at £11.99 but they are oh so pretty. I also picked up some green (Just seen on the below photo) and Purple storage drawers from Rymans for £3 each. I am planning on using them to store nail varnish but i've put all my make up in them! I have one drawer full of lip products!

We nipped to Wilko's last weekend and I picked up this cute letter rack to store make up pallets and I think I will get the pen pot for make up brushes next time I go in.


I also got this mirror. My room has always been lacking a mirror. I did have one on the wall but it's been given to the charity shop and this one is so much better as it has a stand.


Even better it was only £6


I really need to stop buying things. The house will be turned upside down once he starts building wardrobes as my parents are having new wardrobes at the same time!

How do you store your make up?

Manchester Meet up

Rad Fat Manchester Meet Up

Friday, January 03, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

After a fantastic chat on FB with some other amazing Plus Size Bloggers, discussions about meeting up in different parts of the country came up and there are quite a few of us who are local to Manchester but have never met. 

Now i'm rubbish at organising things and things usually fall apart but I have decided to arrange a meet up in Manchester at the end of May (Saturday 31st). It won't be anything fancy, it will just be a group of amazing people meeting, shopping, laughing, eating cake and having a couple of drinks. 

There are no real plans at the moment and it's a long way off but I'm thinking if we meet about dinner time, pop in the arndale get some lunch or afternoon tea (tea and cake what's not to love) then if people are travelling / staying over / wanting to stay out we can go out for more food and then on to some bars. 

If you are a plus size blogger and would like to come please let me know, leave me a message, drop me an email or if you add me on FB and send me a quick message. I can send you an invite to the event on there


#OMCZ 23 - 'Pretty Pencils' 2014/1

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

Welcome to 2014 and the 23rd OMCZ Challenge. This theme was choosen by Betty from Big Fat Betty

The theme for this installment is:

Pretty Pencils': I absolutely love pencil skirts but I've never had the confidence to wear them, what with the VBO and all that jazz. However, I've just ordered a beauty and I could really do with that push in order to wear it...let me see all you lovely ladies rocking your pencil skirts, get those pins out and share your style tips (as I also have no idea what to wear with the damn thing)!

Betty x


I wear jersey pencil skirts quite a lot for work and last year I bought a none jersey pencil skirt and it has been sat in my wardrobe with the tag still on waiting to be worn, I knew I wanted to use it for this challenge but when I came to put it on it just doesn't zip up any more. 
 see for the photo taken with the flash I wore it without a vest top and OK I didn't even leave my room, at some point in 2014 I will wear a sheer top without a vest top underneath that is an OMCZ goal i've set for myself!


I know not everyone is taking part this time due to it being NYD and lack of Pencil Skirts etc but please check out everyones blogs.